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Find a good ovulation lovemaking, good pregnancy is approaching oh! Sohu know more knowledge of maternal pregnancy, you can also join the national health good mummy club QQ group, there do not understand the questions at any time, we will reply in the first time. And interact with their mothers, in the interaction of learning knowledge, training skills. QQ group: 212150626, we have been waiting for you…… After the opening of family planning, often mhmm may increase the probability of conception, but also pay attention to the frequency. Too frequent sex can reduce sperm quality. On the other hand, in addition to her in the ovulation period, in addition to the ovulation period should be moderate. The study found that women with sexually active women were more likely to have sex with women who were sexually active, according to the results of a study of the women’s immune, sexual health program at Kinsey college in Indiana. The researchers collected data from 30 healthy women with menstrual cycles (15 sexually active, with an average of 15 asexual lives) and found that the immune system was more suitable for pregnant women who were sexually active. The researchers found that, before ovulation, the content of 1 kinds of T cells often pops and immunoglobulin A in women with much more high; while in the ovulation luteal phase of this period of time, they are also 2 kinds of help T cell and immunoglobulin G more than the control group. This result was interpreted as the immune system often pops with periodic changes in women is more obvious, and this kind of change, especially the rising number of 2 kinds of T cell and immunoglobulin G after ovulation, conception of benefit. In addition to sex, you should find the position to be pregnant, in addition to sex. For time lovemaking, should also pay attention to lovemaking posture, according to "life times" reported that many countries in the world medical experts have done research, generally accepted is 3 kinds of postures: men and women next, after entering a position and. Can help to conceive of the position, it is necessary to ensure that when the sperm, as close as possible to the female cervix, so that more quickly into the female sperm. A study of 180 couples in the United States found that the use of men and women, while using a pillow pad high hips, do not stand up immediately after sex, help to better and faster conception.