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Arts-and-Entertainment Picking powerball numbers as now become more and more difficult and many people are searching to get solution to this problem. And you have to be aware that powerball numbers are randomly selected and that make it more difficult to track. But professionals have highlighted some ways in which winning numbers can be tracked. Read all these 12 tips and practice it to be able to win your next power ball jackpot! 1. Play Using Skipped Strategy: This method have been proven to be one of the best methods recently. More people are now using this method to win major jackpot in lotteries. You too can follow their style and see if it will work for you. To play this strategy, you need to go and search for the previous winning numbers for the past three or four weeks. Just type your winning numbers in search engine like google or yahoo. It will display all the previous winning numbers for you. Look for numbers that have been skipped for that three weeks and play the numbers for your next game. 2. Use The Method Of Unusual Patterns: Some people are very smart in this game. You need to get the time that unusual pattern occurs in the draw. You need to also go to google or any other search engine and search for previous winning numbers. when you see any unusual pattern like numbers with the same last digit, consecutive numbers, all even numbers or all odd numbers appear as the winning numbers. you should know that all the patterns are not normal. When this happen, quickly go and play the next game because the likelihood of those pattern repeating it self is very slim. So use good method for you numbers combination and play the next game immediately. 3. Use The Method Of Even And Odd Numbers: When you notice that unusual pattern formed in the powerball, use the method of even and odd numbers in your ticket and play the next game. Make sure that your five numbers are combinations of even and odd numbers. you can have 3 odd numbers and 2 even numbers or 2 odd numbers and 2 even numbers. anyhow just make sure that you play the next game. 4. Use The Method Of High And Low: Another good combination of numbers that have higher chances of winning the jackpot is the method of high and how numbers. you need to look at the numbers of the game and divide it into two. If you have game like this 5/55, then you need to divide 55 by two in other to pick your 5 numbers. if you divide it by two from 1 to 28 should be your low numbers and from 29 to 55 should be your high numbers. you need to pick 3 from the low numbers and 2 from the high numbers or 3 from the high numbers and 2 from the low numbers. 5. Use The Quick Pick Option: Another way you can pick winning numbers is using quick pick option. Using this method have been neglected by lotto professionals because they see it as an amateur way of picking winning numbers. but you need to see how many people have won jackpot using this method. Lots of beginners have won jackpot using this easy pick method. 6. You should never play numbers with the same last digit numbers. this pattern is very bad and you need to see the previous winning numbers and tell me when last you have see winning numbers with the same last digit numbers. try to avoid this method because it is very bad way of picking numbers for the game. 7. Dont play consecutive numbers: You need to stop playing consecutive numbers because it is not a good combinations to win powerball. Although, I know that it appears once a while in the draw but looking at the chances of this combination to appear is very slim. They only play this method once in while to deceive people and many people that know the trick quickly use it as an advantage. 8. Stop playing only your lucky numbers: People are so good in playing only their lucky numbers. let me tell your there is not such in lottery system. This game uses random in selecting its numbers and you are talking about lucky numbers. you need to keep watching the winning numbers and track after it to win your next jackpot. 9. Use The Power of Group Play: You can play with a group to give you buying potential. You need to know that the more you buy tickets the better your chances of winning the game. So playing with the group will give you chances of buying more ticket with having to spend extra. 10. Try To look for hot and cold numbers: You need to search for hot and cold numbers in other to win jackpot within 30 minutes. Go to any search engine and type your previous ticket numbers and search engine will display the list of the past winning numbers. you need to check and see the numbers that regularly appears in the draw and the numbers that always out as a loosing numbers. The numbers that appear most are your hot numbers and the one that out as a loser are your cold numbers. I will suggest to always play hot numbers. 11. Play using lottery system: I like this method because it is the genius way of playing the game. You need to get one good lottery system because with lottery system you will continue to win cash from lotteries organization. And in no time you will win the jackpot. I will tell you the best lottery system you can use in the resource box. 12 You need to keep playing continuously because you never know the day you win your own jackpot. Remember all players are potential winners. Dont stop playing it because the day you did not play may be the day youre suppose to win. So keep playing and use good lottery system will automatically increase your chances of winning. Click here to see my lottery system recommendation. There is a system that is winning 6 out of 10 games for people presently. This is system is hot and the best in the market now. 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