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The 13 car recall 110 thousand cars delayed recall because of penalty according to Reuters in Korea, South Korea on Wednesday announced the recall of 110 thousand vehicles using Takata airbag car recall car prices 13. The United States announced in May opened a new round of Takata airbag recall, Takata airbag fault has resulted in 14 deaths and more than and 100 injuries, is one of the largest in the history of the automobile recall. Then the rest of the world announced the recall related vehicles. South Korean traffic management department said the 17 car prices in Korea about 220 thousand vehicles using a failure of the high field airbag. Including Honda, TOYOTA, BMW, Audi, including 13 car prices will be called back to Korea in 110 thousand cars. Another four (GM, Mercedes Benz, etc.) has not decided to open the global recall plan. South Korean Ministry of transportation said that if these car prices are delayed recall there are security risks vehicles may be fined or 10 years of punishment. In 2013, South Korea began to recall nearly 50 thousand vehicles using the fault of the high field airbags, nearly 45% of the models in June this year to replace the airbag. There are nearly 100 million high altitude airbags need to be replaced in the global context, the global car prices are gradually working. The high altitude air bag will produce too much power to eject the metal debris to hurt the passengers.相关的主题文章: