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14 days after 17 high-speed road traffic peak now will Beijing – Sohu news Gongwangfu invited visitors to experience the art of non heritage yesterday, Gongwangfu, a child is learning to bristle figure making. The same day, Gongwangfu held to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival cultural activities, painting for Cacalia Lord, the pennant, a series of folk cultural heritage show in the park, including the monkey, rabbit, etc. more than a dozen bristle figure heritage heritage site show their craft, and invites visitors to experience the art of intangible cultural heritage. In addition, tourists still Gongwangfu guided tour gongwangfu. Beijing News reporter Li Fei Dai Xuan photo coverage to Beihai park experience rowed the boat yesterday night, Beihai Park, the public boating project experience. During the Mid Autumn Festival, Beihai park will launch 10 rowed the night side of the moon project, can enjoy the night view of the lotus lake. The relevant person in charge of the project, night time for night 7 pm to 9 pm, each ship can accommodate 10 tourists. In addition, during the festival, a break of 10 years, "mid autumn night" activities will be restored, from 15 to 17 days continuously. Beijing News reporter Xue na? Letter photography reports Beijing News (reporter Guo Chao) according to the prediction of the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, before the Mid Autumn Festival, centralized procurement, freight logistics is easy to cause the traffic congestion in the area, is expected to last working day before the evening peak time will be expected in advance, from the beginning of 14, traffic increased significantly, 17 when the 19 peak in the afternoon 17 when the high-speed road of Beijing will appear short of peak traffic. Reporters learned from the Ministry of transport, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival (September 15th -17 day) during the holiday, the country’s 7 small passenger car toll road toll free. Affected by the recent outing, visiting relatives, 14 and 17 cities are expected to enter and exit the city direction traffic will continue to rise, the key sections prone to congestion. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, is expected to Beijing Macao expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Shanghai Kunming expressway, Shen Hai high-speed, wide high-speed and the route of the small amount of passenger traffic will increase slightly to about 25%. According to the forecast of the Traffic Management Bureau of Beijing City, September 14th, Wednesday is the last working day before the Mid Autumn Festival, the evening peak time will advance. The day is expected after 14, traffic will be significantly increased, because part of the unit, the school holidays, at noon time traffic congestion may occur in the North Fourth Ring Road in Zhongguancun, xingshikou Road, Yongding road and other areas. Day after 17, high-speed road out of Beijing direction will appear peak traffic. According to the Municipal Transportation Commission political center of the road network traffic flow forecast, is expected in September 14th will exceed 2 million 200 thousand units, compared with last year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday peak (2 million 50 thousand days) growth of around 7%. Expected to reach the peak point of 17 to 18. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday travel tour in the suburbs and zouqingfangyou mainly. Is expected in the 15 and 16 days in the morning session, direction of the highway from Beijing will continued to show cars; 16, 17 on the afternoon, the highway to Beijing direction traffic is relatively concentrated. In addition, during the day in the evening in a large shopping district, part of the moon scenic spots will also appear more cars. During the Mid Autumn Festival, the major events have a certain impact on regional transportation, especially in the morning of September 17th, held a horse.相关的主题文章: