14 hours! Nanchang direct flight to , Jiangxi, Losangeles for the first time opened to the Unit-govos

14 hours! Nanchang flights to Losangeles   Jiangxi opened the first intercontinental flight – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn original title to the United States: 14 hours! Nanchang flights to Losangeles Jiangxi opened the first intercontinental flights to the United States of Nanchang direct flights to the United States, don’t go to Guangzhou and Shanghai first-tier cities transit! In October 13th, "Chinese Nanchang intercontinental routes to the United States of Losangeles inaugural ceremony" was held in Nanchang airport, the Boeing 767 dual channel enabled 240 wide bodied aircraft to fly, the whole 14 hours. Jiangxi’s first direct flights to America intercontinental routes 10 years of living in the United States in Nanchang citizens Mr. Li told reporters: "for so many years, each home I was through Guangzhou, Shanghai city transit, one way to 13~17 hours, after arriving in Guangzhou and Shanghai and then fly to Nanchang, the whole time is long. Nanchang is now a direct flight to the United States, home more convenient." It is understood that direct flights from Nanchang flights to Losangeles on 13 22:00 from Nanchang airport officially set sail, means that Jiangxi province’s first direct America intercontinental routes really make the trip to the people of Jiangxi to travel in America no longer take luggage transfer from other "fatigued by a long journey to the city. In the evening, tourists from all over the province have taken the flight, began to visit the major cities of Jiangxi tourism, business visits. The "Big Mac" Boeing 767 wide body aircraft to fly it, the route is the opening of the Boeing 767 dual channel wide body models, the number of seats a total of 238 seats, of which the first and 26 business class seats. Why choose Boeing 767 dual channel wide bodied aircraft such a giant, Chengbanfang head Wu Huidong told reporters, "Boeing 737 and 747 seat spacing is relatively small, so the 767 widebody aircraft seats can be tilted more than 180 degrees, the plane is too small to achieve this function. For a long time, the rest of the passengers on the flight, comfort requirements are very high, too close to the cabin is also easy to increase the fatigue of passengers. And the intercontinental flight fuel requirements are also different from ordinary international flights, so Nanchang will fly to Losangeles in California’s largest city — Alaska Anchorage and eight aircraft refueling stop before arriving in Losangeles. Therefore, the flight number is: 2D790 Nanchang – Anchorage – Anchorage – Anchorage 2D787 Losangeles 2D788 Losangeles 2D789 Anchorage – Nanchang Jiangxi to swim across the board price over 30% and in previous years, hundreds of 10 thousand yuan of the American tour, the reporter was informed that the United States after the opening of direct flights, the Jiangxi tourism market has also appeared in many American tourist routes, many the tour. Such as "meet Hollywood", "double OUTLET sunshine California" and "fun USA", many travel agencies also played as long as 5999 yuan, 9999 yuan a single super cheap American tour products. "The original price of 11000 yuan of the east coast tour, after today for direct flights, the price is only 7999 yuan people." Jiangxi province Jiangxi China International Travel Service Company Limited products director Zhang Kuihong told reporters that the charter flights in Jiangxi after the American tour production)相关的主题文章: