15, SMG super Betfair index flat UAE hot and cold p8400

15, SMG super Betfair index: hot and cold flat UAE spdex super index SMG 004 Syria (main) VS Iran Asia World pre ten finals fifth round of group A, November 5th 20. Position in Syria against Iran, the two teams played 6 games three wins and three draws the visiting team unbeaten, but it is N years ago what has no reference value. The group phase in 1 wins 1 flat 2 negative results, with 4 points ranked fourth in the national war playing like this is not easy. A few days ago in the friendship tournament, the 2 – 0 win over Singapore, harvest victory. The visiting team is currently 3 wins and 1 draws unbeaten record, accumulate 10 points group ranked the top position, qualifying the situation is excellent. Nearly ten games harvest of 8 wins and 2 draws, winning disk rate of up to 80%. Super network index showed that 17-25-58 index early capital market to clear in the guest. Betfair standard disc turnover in more than 250 thousand spot could be close to one million. The guest turnover in early trading accounted for more than 84% Betfair, and can simulate the way from 46 down to 24 of the reasonable range of space. Kelly 42-22-3 and his obvious variance win draw apart. From yesterday to 5 at the beginning of cold draw and found into the anxiety index. As to the guest spot financing does not increase significantly and the thermal simulation index was opened, the guest should run smoothly. However, the home team is a country in the war baptism, fighting spirit is very strong against a flat. The winner of the election results: the first selection of negative flat spdex super index color 006 color United Arab Emirates UAE (main) VS World Cup in Iraq before the second round of the B tournament, the group of fifth, 23:20 on November 5th at. United Arab Emirates UAE against Iraq, the two teams played 5 games, the home team of 2 wins and 2 draws and 1 losses, including home games of 1 wins and 1 draws a slight upper hand. The twelve first round than the 2 to 1 Asian traditional teams upset victory over Japan, let a person shine at the moment, now the 4 round group stage cruised the UAE 2 wins and 2 negative results, the team performance is acceptable. The last round away to 0 than 3 defeat of Saudi arabia. The last round of 4 to 0 victory over Thailand, get first win 12 of the race, was stopped in front of round losing momentum. A few days ago in a friendly at the harvest is only a 0 – 0 draw, the visible away fighting co.. Super net index index obviously favored by the funds to display 88-9-3 morning found the. Betfair standard disc turnover in more than 330 thousand future spot may exceed million. Found in the early index of up to 88 of the cases, the simulation profit is as high as 86 was standing above the warning line. Hot and cold – draw index has been in the anxious state, there is no obvious variance Kelly opened. Listed index draw is also negative area. As to face his profit and loss simulation did not significantly decrease, and no obvious variance index and Kelly pull, draw out the most promising. SMG recommended: flat flat first author: win the election for the spdex super index above two fat net early reminder, due to turnover peak, more details please pay attention to the spot data, such as on larger variables may affect the results of the pre.相关的主题文章: