16 year old guy slipped into the night on his knees at the factory monitoring. acbel

16 year old guy slipped into the night on his knees at the factory monitoring worship recently, Licheng police successfully captured a continuous burglary crime criminal suspects laimou, police in the transfer of site monitoring, see a fantastic scene, laimou after committing the crime, even in the ground kowtow kowtow three times this what is going on? In October 20th, the Licheng police received within the jurisdiction of the pontoon Xianjing industrial area a bag factory called the police, the factory was forced open the financial room. The police quickly out of the police, found in the transfer of control, more than 1 in the morning to 3 points, there is a young man out of many times, but never open the safe, just stole some fruit. After the video comparison and identification, identified as the factory had been in the class of lai. Again and again was arrested, but still unrepentant, in fact, this is not the first time laimou was caught by the police. In April this year, Licheng Bridge police station received a report that a bag factory finance room area Xianjing industrial area was forced open, although there is no property stolen, but the desk left the suspect note. To write the note: the thief thief bile day, to plant is ready to give him $ten thousand, and ensure that they only take this time, next time will not come again, also put down hard, if you don’t put money, he would have to do some things against him. After a preliminary analysis, the police quickly locked the suspect lai. Because after this, thanks to a thief because the thief was reported by the factory workers, but taking into account he was only 16 years old this year, the factory just dismissed him, and did not pursue. But in December last year, the financial room factory was forced open two times, respectively, stole 970 yuan and 480 yuan. April this is the direct payment of money for books, very bad behavior. April 16th, the police in the vicinity of the plant will be arrested a certain Internet cafe, and its monitoring of residence, and arranged for him to work in a machinery factory. Laimou can and does not work, then, the police will then disappear without a trace, the listed as fugitives online. Until this time, laimou returned to the bridge and in the same place offenders, the police didn’t let him escape, he captured directly. Kowtow worship, hope not to alarm people catch him police thought he is not take the land and fruit tribute and then to the land and bowed three times, but then he should worship the view monitor, monitor! After asking why he did this strange act. The answer was a surprise. Lai actually said, in front of the monitoring of worship three worship on the hope that the police or the police have to see the hope that he will not catch him. The idea is also very naive. The police again dispatched closely, in November 14th, in the vicinity of the plant, will be ready once again crime suspects laimou arrested. Police told reporters that during the work in Quanzhou, Lai long addicted to online games, do not want to work, many crimes burglary, theft of more than 30 thousand yuan worth of property, most of the waste in the Internet cafe. (Licheng Public Security Bureau police station bridge Yang Yinchuan) now teenagers for online games this piece over indulging in online games on the development of physical and mental health are not good but also hope that more young people to walk outside exercise do not always indulge in network game like us this crime suspects laimou like thinking and;相关的主题文章: