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Before 2020, Beijing existing five mines will shut down in turn – Beijing, more than and 40 kilometers away from the city of Beijing, Changgouyu mine near Zhoukou Zhen man site, this year officially take the initiative to shut down, to resolve the city 1 million tons of coal production capacity, coupled with Mentougou Wang Ping Cun mine production capacity of 800 thousand tons of production, Beijing this year to resolve the target task 1 million 800 thousand tons of coal to the production capacity, to become the first through the national coal production capacity to conduct inspection of the provinces. 2020 years ago, the city’s existing five mines planned to shut down, Beijing will no longer mine, began in the Yuan Dynasty nearly 800 years of mining history will end. This year the first off the two mine 1 million 800 thousand tons of excess capacity to resolve yesterday morning, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter arrived at the Fangshan District Zhoukou Zhen Changgouyu coal mine area, a top still hanging on the "remember orders, work happily; zunzhangshouji," Ann wellhead home "slogan of production safety, has been a cement wall forever to seal the wellhead, pull on cordon off limits for everyone. And in March this year, coal mining workers have also been transported by rail daily access to the wellhead, because this is the only way they work, but also through the export of coal transportation Yu long. From the beginning of March this year, Changgouyu colliery has surplus civil explosive, mine, shut down and dismantle plugging underground production equipment, 11 wellhead, safety production license cancellation…… Until October of this year to complete the mine license cancellation, in Beijing has a history of 50 years of Changgouyu colliery officially shut down, 1822 employees of the resettlement. Changgouyu coal mine belonging to Beijing coal group, as the city’s only coal production enterprises, Beijing Beijing Coal Group is the ownership of the existing mine. From the beginning of last year, the city’s 95% coal mining enterprises are at a loss, oversupply of coal, is no longer in line with the functional positioning of the capital of Beijing." Beijing coal group relevant responsible person said Yangmou geng. To resolve the 1 million 800 thousand tons of coal production capacity in accordance with the objectives and tasks identified in 2016 this year, Beijing Coal Group officially shut down Changgouyu, Wang Ping Cun two Changgouyu coal production capacity of 1 million tons, 800 thousand tons of production capacity of Wang Ping Cun, successfully resolved, to accomplish a task. 2020 years ago, the five major coal mines shut down after the year in 1949, the people of Beijing cooking, heating and burning of coal, coal mining is basically the Beijing coal group." As the image of the history can be traced back to the 1948 Beijing coal group, the coal development history in Beijing has a very important position, the history of the peak period of coal production capacity of 8 million tons, the staff reached more than 5.8 people, the use of coal for three of tianjin. According to reports, Beijing Coal Group coal from low phosphorus, low sulfur, low nitrogen, high quality as the scarcity of coal. However, in order to fully implement the strategic deployment of the central side of the supply side structural reforms, and in the context of the new functional positioning of the capital, Beijing decided to take the initiative to withdraw all coal production capacity. According to the municipal development and Reform Commission responsible person, this year to 2020, according to the "yield decreased year by year, the mine gradually discontinued, step by step to ease out" principle, Beijing city will actively guide out of 6 million tons of coal production capacity, in order to shut down Yi相关的主题文章: