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Arts-and-Entertainment It seems that the popularity of magic goes in cycles. Right now magic has once again surged in popularity thanks in large part to the street magic performed by illusionists like David Blaine. Because of the mystery involved and the shear entertainment, magic will always be a welcomed form of entertainment. Three popular types of magic are child magic, up-close magic, and stage magic. Child Magic You can probably guess the types of magic that is involved with each of these. The names are self-explanatory and child magic is no different. Child magic is magic thats used to entertain children. These types of magic tricks should be more focused on holding the attention of children rather than on pure skill. A magician might have a great trick to perform but if he takes too long to perform the trick then hell lose the audience. Therefore, child magic must consist of quick tricks. Up-Close Magic Once again, you can tell what is meant by this type of magic. Up-close magic is performed for one person or a small group of people within a small space. The magician will be sitting or standing with the person (or people) or right next to the person (or people). Tricks that are performed with this type of magic include card tricks, tricks with coins, and other small items. Stage Magic The last of the three popular types of magic involves performing on a stage. This means the magician is separate from the audience and is usually performing tricks for large crowds. Stage magic must include tricks that are large enough in size so that everyone in the audience can see and know what is happening. Tricks performed with this type of magic can be and often are grand in scale. Sawing a woman in half, turning a lady into a lion, and causing large objects to disappear are all part of stage magic. Stage magicians also must be great entertainers so that they keep the entire audience involved during the show. Three popular types of magic are child magic, up-close magic, and stage magic. All of these types of magic are different in the way they are performed because the audience and the venue changes with each type of magic. Therefore, each of these types of magic requires a different skill set from the magician. But the one thing these three types of magic all have in common is that they are entertaining. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: