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30 thousand blocks in the autumn mountains to Landy, why God fell on the car Wuling Automobile Sohu – Hello, happy weekend is on a "view" program came out, a lot to buy a new car buddy said to be ready to buy a second-hand car and a lot of people have said to the wife of 90 thousand yuan the Chanel bought a few bags enough! So on the other side of the mountain, there are a group of lovely husbands in the sea, a group tour of the car home to the concept of the forum. There are a lot of people have said downstairs: some people said: "the increase of 20 thousand, 80 thousand acquisition of top qoros 3" I think this car will like "Pokemon go" to find the Gyarados since Gyarados so hard to find, or find your car in ASK rats. My brother. Recently graduated, learn a car, inside the house is going to give me to open a shop, I lived in Panzhihua, plans to buy a car, mainly used to pull goods, a small part of the people sitting inside the home, say to buy Wuling journey, or doors, good goods, I want to buy Baojun and limited budget, thirty thousand yuan so what are the recommendations of the second-hand car? Mainly to durable and maintenance cheaper, can not consider the car sold to decline, because I’m going to have to open, is the best mountain can run 86. 30 thousand yuan can pull goods but also the mountain car, the first reaction is to become the Three Musketeers: Wuling Hongguang SUZUKI Big Dipper Landy Wuling Hongguang was recently a car, can buy cars are relatively new, 30 thousand yuan to buy good, give up. In the Big Dipper, before I also recommend the Big Dipper in the car, durable and rugged, but also fuel-efficient, but when it comes to pull goods, his space seems to be smaller. Only the final "also from SUZUKI" Landy this car basically is to restore the highest degree of China "K-car", and the big dipper 1.4L models, using the K14B engine the engine two characteristics: fuel-efficient, made my car "are falling apart, the engine is still not bad." "You open ten years SUZUKI car, a gas, GTR." This is due to the introduction of Japan Landy car models K-car with EVERY WAGON, so in the application of K-CAR not to say, in my eyes is the space magician automobile industry and slightly modified it is fan however if only these reasons it is not enough to recommend Landy this car, it is a greatest characteristic is there a four-wheel drive 07 top with a four-wheel drive function reasonable collocation, then you can use the "laboratory" tone say Xiaoqiang "Subaru three hundred thousand car, actually used the same AWD with landy……" But this car is worth noting that, due to Japan’s high-speed speed limit 100kmh, so in this car more than 100kmh when the fuel consumption will suddenly rise a lot, but it also reminds you not to drive speeding. Rat elder brother, I saw your view to the three program to相关的主题文章: