37 year old girl Chen Yao had a son and a daughter in good (video)-法拉利599gto

37 year old girl Chen Yao had a son and a daughter in the "good" Chen Yao and son of a small potatoes data Tencent entertainment news (text chart in November 9th, Xue Jianyu Simic) 37 year old Chen Yao gave birth to a daughter, the daughter of Chen Yao weighs six pounds 72, is the birth, postpartum and safe, Chen Yao daughter named "small Jasmine", said it was because in the South with the baby, so take a flower’s name. Chen Yao happily and her daughter photo of the brokerage company staff said: Chen Yao postpartum state is very good. He is also a hair micro-blog, drying out and her daughter’s photo and text: "dear little jasmine, mom and dad want to give you the lyrics:" you’ll be young and beautiful to me."" Photos of the mother and daughter two people snuggle together, although Chen Yao’s face was tired, but it can not cover up full of happiness. Now a son and a woman Chen Yao together into a "good" word. Chen Yao’s first son, son, was born at 7:45 on the evening of July 15, 2013. Yang Mi bestie too rich! 37 year old female birth Chen Yao this morning (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章: