5 types of judicial instruments such as divorce judgment are not available on the Internet super bass

5 types of divorce judicial documents online 4 key words: new regulations to protect the rights of divorce and other 5 categories of judicial documents on the Internet in 2013, Chongqing Lee found himself "divorce". In 2007, he and his wife to divorce court dismissed, but the divorce proceedings of civil judgment in 5 years after being posted on the Internet, make known. In 2013, the judicial interpretation stipulated that the people’s court’s effective judgment document should be published on the internet". To strengthen social supervision, promote the trial according to law at the same time, the use of network spy on the privacy of others has become a problem that can not be ignored, in October 1st this year, the Supreme People’s Court of the newly revised "Regulations" published on the people’s court judgment documents in the Internet, clearly the 5 judicial adjudicative document shall be connected to the Internet, including: the judgment of divorce proceedings of or involving minors custody, guardianship judge. Key words: food safety regulations 5 online food shop accident accountability third party platform online ordering more and more convenient, but how to ensure food safety? 8, "violations of food safety and the implementation of network measures", clearly stipulates that the network operators of food production license shall be made in accordance with the law; third party network of food trading platform provider fails to establish examination registration, food safety checking system, and refuses to make corrections, impose a fine of 5000 yuan and 30 thousand yuan. The State Food and Drug Administration food regulatory two division deputy director Cui Enxue said that if there is a network of food safety issues, the third party platform will be jointly and severally liable, if fails to perform the relevant obligations due to a greater level of above food safety accidents and other serious consequences, the third party platform will be ordered to suspend business.

 离婚判决等5类司法文书不上网   新规4   关键词:权利保护   离婚判决等5类司法文书不上网   2013年,重庆的李先生发现自己“被离婚”了。2007年,他和妻子到法院诉讼离婚被驳回,然而那份离婚诉讼民事判决书却在5年后被公布在网上,弄得众人皆知。   2013年司法解释规定,“人民法院的生效判决文书应当在互联网公布”。在加强社会监督、促进依法审判的同时,利用网络窥探他人隐私也成了不容忽视的问题,今年10月1日,最高人民法院新修订的《关于人民法院在互联网公布裁判文书的规定》实施,明确5类司法裁判文书不得上网,其中就包括:离婚诉讼的裁判文书或者涉及未成年子女抚养、监护的裁判。   新规5   关键词:食品安全   网上食品店出事问责第三方平台   网上点餐越来越方便,但如何保证食品安全?8日,《网络食品安全违法行为查处办法》实施,明确规定,入网食品生产经营者应当依法取得许可;网络食品交易第三方平台提供者未建立审查登记、食品安全自查等制度,且拒不改正的,处5000元以上3万元以下罚款。   国家食药监总局食品监管二司副司长崔恩学表示,如果发生网络食品安全问题,第三方电商平台将承担连带责任,如果因未履行相关义务导致发生较大级别以上食品安全事故等严重后果,第三方平台将被责令停业。相关的主题文章: