5 year old girl injured in the air bleed more than Taizhou passengers involved in emergency 97179

5 year old girl injured bleeding air passengers in Taizhou to participate in the emergency flight from Thailand to Bangkok flights to Hangzhou, a little girl playing in the cabin when the brain kepo bleeding, crying: September 16th night, forwarding a positive energy message in the circle of friends: on a flight from Thailand to Bangkok on a flight to Hangzhou a little girl, only 5 years old, playing in the cabin when the brain kepo bleeding, crying. Under emergency circumstances, two Zhejiang passengers took the initiative to lend a helping hand. Yesterday, the reporter contacted one of the well intentioned passengers, staff from the Department of preventive health care Taizhou Hospital Wu Xiaorong restore the whole process of things. The little girl head knock to the seat on the plane, bleeding at 7 in the evening, a number of Zhejiang tourists ride a Thailand Airlines flight back to Hangzhou. To 8 in the evening, most people have to sleep, the entire cabin quite quiet. Wu Xiaorong, who returns with his classmates, is resting on his seat. The dim, she was classmates hurried voice wake, "monitor, monitor, hurry up, the plane to find a doctor, if someone needs help and go see." At this time, the engine room is circulating the search for a doctor to broadcast. In fact, I am not a doctor, not a nurse, professional medical assistance is certainly not good, but the situation was urgent, just want to be able to help busy." Wu Xiaorong said, she immediately ran to ask the flight attendant at that time, what happened. But the flight attendant is Thai language. Wu Xiaorong went for a long time, did not understand the situation. Just then, the front of the cabin came a cry of the child, it is likely that the child was injured." Judge Wu Xiaorong, she walked quickly. Closer to the front of the cabin, the louder the cry. Wu Xiaorong saw a little girl sitting on the ground crying, her head parts have the obvious blood around his neck and toilet paper are covered with blood. The girl’s mother was helpless and crying. The little girl’s father told her that her daughter is quite naughty, refused to sit on the plane, no seatbelt, climbing in the position, the results accidentally fell down from the position, brain, head knock on the seat and fixed on the ground on the hob. Wu Xiaorong busy bent down to see, she gently comfort the little girl: "children, don’t cry, aunt is to help you, you cry, the wound will hurt, don’t cry don’t hurt." After hearing Wu Xiaorong’s words, the girl stopped crying. The two kind of passengers emergency rescue "the little girl about four or five years old, very cute, my son is so big, see her cry really very distressed." Wu Xiaorong said. At this moment, the other passengers from Hangzhou to Xu Liang, he is a hospital radiologist, had emergency emergency treatment experience, wound there is no problem. Wu Xiaorong and Xu Liang carefully examined the girl’s wound. The little girl is in the middle position on the brain to open a wound about 2 cm, blood DC, along the little girl’s hair, flow to the neck and back, clothes were red with blood. "When the plane from landing at least 2 hours, if the little girl could not stop the blood, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate." Wu Xiaorong said, in case of coma, vomiting and other symptoms, does not rule out the possibility of serious intracranial injury." Situation"相关的主题文章: