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7 year old boy is mentally ill woman in the street shouting: you are not mother dragged back the little boy students Wen Yining told reporters after the incident the sea map (Guo Chen drawing) Hoi reporter Chen Gongzhang Lin Dan this morning, the network video spread in Fuzhou: high street, a six or seven year old boy, was a strange woman walk away…… Many netizens are asking, "is this really true?" Reporters learned that this thing is really true. The boy’s family also said that they did not know the child and the woman holding the child. But there are some details and reasons, not everyone thought. After the incident, Jinan police quickly arrived at the scene, timely intervention. Our exclusive reporter learned from the police, took away the child’s situation is a little special…… The boy cried and shouted: you’re not my mother, why should I hold the woman pulled out of the alley child, the little boy was struggling yesterday about 3:27 in the afternoon, Gushan middle school Fuma Road near the bus station, a 7 year old boy was a young woman from a few hundred meters outside the village to drag the intersection. Witnesses said Mr. Zhu, the boy kept struggling, crying, shouting, "you are not my mother, why do you want to hug me?"" Audi driver, and women compete for the young boys and girls continue to pull the boy, but also attracted the attention of the surrounding people. A driver who drove a Audi car first reaction, feeling the situation will not stop. Mr. Zhu said that after the Audi driver got off, questioned the woman, you are not a child mother?" But the woman did not respond, and the boy replied, "she is not my mother". Audi immediately approached the woman and the woman fighting for the boy, but the strength is not big. A boy will take back the children at the roadside, "Wen Yongtai onion cake shop to see the boss, also came to scold young woman let go, and to prevent the left. The boss on a large bakery onion son, directly to the young woman aside, away from the hands of the boy. It is understood that saved the boy’s warm Yongtai green onion pie shop father and son, his father called Wen Bugong, his son called Wen Yining, 19 years old, is a freshman at Career Technical College, Fujian sports. Mr. Zhu said, onlookers alarm, young woman remained silent. A few minutes later, Jinan District police station rushed to the ocean, the young woman brought to the police station investigation. The boy’s family: do not know the child taken away the woman this morning, reporters saw the sea for a period of the video monitoring, covering a period of more than and 10 meters of road. See from the video, the young woman from behind holding the boy walking, while the boy kept hands thump. Because the boy struggled fiercely, the woman tripped directly to the ground. Fell to the ground, in order to control the boy, the young woman directly down the face, the boy pressure on the road, his hands and legs are also pressing the boy’s hands and feet. During the period, the boy’s feet come out of, keep back slapping ass woman. After a while, the young woman got up and kept the boy away. The people said that because of this area, more foreign population, we do not know, if not the boy crying 7相关的主题文章: