73 years old to do a small classroom for 10 years to see the children to write homework is my greate-winbook

The 73 year old do small classroom for 10 years: the child homework is my biggest happiness in the new network – Sun Shuyuan and old alley households homely hill. Evening news reporter Liu Lianyu Liu Lianyu photography Changchun Wide City Industrial Street community tianzhang Jiushan alley is a cottage area, there is a class of small class, has been in existence for 10 years. Children will go to school after school to learn, small classroom area is very small, only more than and 30 square meters. The poor condition of cold weather to burn coal and firewood. But the children love to come here, because they like the master of the small classroom. Grandma sun is 73 years old, named Sun Shuyuan. She is the cottage area children love the sun grandma, but also in the cottage area residents legendary old aunt. October 12th, the reporter learned from the office of Industrial Street Sun Shuyuan old aunt story. See rental households children nobody to take care of the elderly has built small classroom idea of Sun Shuyuan is a retired former employees of the bus company, has been rated as model workers in Jilin Province, Changchun super model workers, now also served as area comprehensive management coordinators. Nine hutong is a cottage area, most of the residents are foreign rental households, adults working outside, often late to work, no one to take care of many children. Sun Shuyuan looked at the children every day in the cottage area wandering in the heart is not the taste, so 10 years ago, the idea that the neighborhood children to their home care. Sun Shuyuan’s home is only more than and 30 square meters, still burning coal, burning firewood, the condition was not good, but she and his wife to discuss, let the neighbors send their children to their homes. His wife is very supportive of the idea of Sun Shuyuan, from 2006 onwards, the home of the family became a small class of Sun Shuyuan. Sun Shuyuan’s family has a small brick old man gave to his home homework children for small Kang table. The room is small, but very warm, very clean and bright. In order to let go of the road to say goodbye to the old man to find the community to coordinate security street lights in the past 10 years, every day there are five or six keys hanging around the neck of the child to Sun Shuyuan home to do homework. They sat around the small Kang Table, serious homework, the children are very happy. During the 10 years, the children went to Sun Shuyuan’s home in the summer. Winter, dark early, Sun Shuyuan and his wife took turns to the mouth of the alley to get the children to the home. With Sun Shuyuan’s care for the children, the people in the hutongs were never afraid to go home and no one took care of them. Nine alley for a long time without lights, when Sun Shuyuan and his wife want to pick up the kids of the winter, if there is a good street. Then she reflected the matter to the community, and community staff to report to the Changchun street office. After much effort, nine alley streetlights were installed in 2013. The tuition bought the school changed her deed alley young fate Jiu Shan Hu Tong, a man called Li Yan (a pseudonym) of the child, his brain tumor surgery, not only lost the ability to work, life also need to take care of others. Li Yan’s mother had a heart attack, in order to make a living, to find a job to send a newspaper, every day at 3:30 to the points.相关的主题文章: