75.4% of respondents feel that the WeChat group interferes with daily life pork face

75.4% of respondents feel that the WeChat group interfere with the daily life of the fifty or sixty groups of chat, which can be a full retreat, the world is quiet……" Friends Tucao WeChat looked at the circle of friends, in a media work of Wang Xin (a pseudonym) xinweicucu Yan, flew back to a comment: "I have more than and 100." And the allotment of the few crying expression. They are not a few people who have similar problems with wang. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile social networking platform is rapidly gaining popularity, a variety of WeChat group for people to contact relatives and friends, anytime, anywhere to work and study provides convenience. However, at the same time, show the sun baby, pull the vote, talk about work, sales, stock…… Refresh every kind of WeChat group, as one falls, another rises a message, also let a lot of people stand it. This week, the China Youth newspaper social survey center through a questionnaire survey of 2004 people conducted a survey showed that: 75.4% of respondents feel that the WeChat group has disturbed the normal life of their own. Only 14.4% of respondents believe that WeChat group does not take up too much time and energy. Only 0.8% of respondents had not joined any WeChat group in a Shandong construction group work Li Na, parents are college students after graduation in 70s of last century, in response to the national call to support the three line of the city construction, the students Gebendongxi, from all over the country, it is difficult to have the opportunity to meet. Old, Li Na’s parents often recall the university time, often talking about University students. When the parents for smartphones, Li Na taught them to use WeChat. I did not expect, parents first contact the phone number of a few old students, each other with the WeChat, and then like a snowball, and soon contacted the twenty college students, built a group of College students. Old classmates often talk in the group chat, share photos, recently, Beijing still had a lively graduation anniversary party. Survey shows that only 0.8% of respondents did not join any WeChat group, the vast majority of respondents have joined the unequal number of WeChat group. Among them, 58% of the respondents joined the following 10 WeChat group, 32.9% of the respondents joined the 11~20 WeChat group, 6.4% of the respondents joined the 21~30 WeChat group, 2% of the respondents joined more than 30 WeChat group. Affected by age, the number of respondents to join the WeChat group was significantly different. 70 and after 80 is a relatively large number of groups into the group, respectively, there are 34.6% and 37.1% of respondents joined the 11~20 WeChat group, and in the post and post group of 50, the proportion is only about 10%. From the theme of WeChat group, friends and relatives of students is the most common group of respondents to join the WeChat group, 46.9% of respondents have joined such WeChat group. Interest groups and working groups is also a large proportion of the number of groups, respectively, 21.5% and 20.3% of the respondents have joined. In addition, 8.9% of respondents have been involved in parenting and education related to the WeChat group. Wu Li, a 29 year old from Sichuan, works as an hourly worker at a domestic company in Beijing相关的主题文章: