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A 72 year old woman saved pregnant women said debris flow as long as there is breath to save the original title: Suichang 72 years old and 7 months pregnant women "as long as there is breath I will save" Zhejiang online health network 09 month 29 days: 72 year old grandmother Lin Juxiang after medical staff check, after treatment, lying in the Suichang People’s Hospital (the Second Affiliated Hospital Medical College of Zhejiang University Suichang branch) bed, calm and gentle. Just last night, she and his wife’s son was destroyed by a sudden mudslides. In the face of disaster, you may not think, the old lady actually came forward, almost a life to save a pregnant 7 months pregnant women. 17:28 on September 28th this year, the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" and the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" has influence, Su Haruki village natural village north of town of Lishui city Suichang County landslides, due to continuous heavy rains instantly, the villagers home of debris flow is relentlessly swallowed. At that time, the pregnant woman pregnant in July accounted for a miss is eating dinner, her daughter and father-in-law mother-in-law was mud and stones away, but the moment for women was a force that is tightly grabbed — from the same village Lin grandmother desperately pull. "I saved her life, as long as there is a breath, I will save her, or die together." 7:46 that night, the Suichang squadron in the rescue team found two people. According to rescue workers recalled, when two people have been trapped in the mud, the water level has not been over the neck, because pregnant women leg injury, Lin grandmother is dragging her up. 78 year old uncle Su Lin grandmother’s wife, he said, had to be saved! Lin grandmother and his wife son currently vital signs are relatively stable, and ms.. However, the situation is relatively worse for women, when sent to the hospital was covered with mud, the left leg wood easily fixed, besmeared with blood. After a quick assessment and emergency injuries accounted for Ms. discussion, doctors determine left lower limb multiple open fractures, and accompanied by paroxysmal contractions, fetal heart instability, so will the rapid income in icu. In view of the situation is more serious, today (September 29th) morning, the second hospital of Zhejiang medical hospital and Suichang branch for ms condition to carry out the remote consultation. Combining with the doctor’s description, the second hospital of Zhejiang ICU, Department of orthopedics, obstetrics expert team gives in after consultation advice — pregnant women is in hypercoagulable state, pay attention to fat embolism and deep vein thrombosis, while strengthening the detection of vital signs, organ function, and attention to wound infection. The second hospital of Zhejiang medical expert Li Hao was left to send emergency debridement of open fractures of lower extremity for women, traction and fixation. After the operation, her vital signs tend to be stable and have no serious problems. However, the specific site of injury need to be confirmed by imaging. Taking into account the impact of radiation on the fetus, the hospital considered in the first place to protect the important parts of the organ under the premise of nuclear magnetic resonance. Source: Zhejiang online health network editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: