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A cottage "Pokemon" the game was unexpectedly won the "Pokemon" players and developers who began to develop new gameplay. A new hand tour to try to challenge its position, although the new game looks like a Pokemon series, but it is actually an unofficial cottage. Fans released on the tube of video ads to make a lot of genuine pocket monster players unprepared. Leon Wung released ad video called Pokemon version, which has a lot of controversy. First of all, this game does not belong to the Pokemon series, Nintendo did not release any information about it. Hey, this is called! Monsters! The game is compatible with iOS and Android systems, with a 3D screen and more than and 200 Pokemon, players can collect them and participate in multiplayer battle. All in all, it sounds like pokemon. On the Google Play store, the game’s introduction page does not have any "Pokemon" logo, but there is a portrait of the snow Rabbi profile and an adapted Pokemon X Y player model. Although "hey! Monsters! "The developers have made no secret of his ambition, but in the face of the book shop and they are still very low-key. Nintendo pressure pocket monster cottage game is very large, it is no wonder hey! Monsters! "The Fun Code Play developer Frank statement did not open the free Mobile Games and" Pokemon "series. But the tubing advertisement is surprisingly candid, so we have to suspect that this game has a connection with Nintendo. In the advertising video can be seen in the Pokemon high quality game screen, a lot of video will be "hey! Monsters! As a "Pokemon" cottage version. Hey! Monsters! It has not been on the North American Play Store shelves, it is not the first cottage, it will not be the last one, but it is the most recent version of a Pokemon cottage. The content of the game uses Pokemon, but the theme is completely different. Happy together! A woman always wanted to be on the headlines (Photos)相关的主题文章: