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A shares dilemma: new network snatch liquidity market in "asset shortage" under the background of the property market, the bond market and the futures market since the beginning of this year there were lively scene buy buy buy, still alive. Three channels of A shares of large diversion of funds, A stock market fell into the embarrassing position of the stock market. The current phase of monetary easing will continue, the three factors will lead to continued low global interest rates, bond is still king. China’s stock market is expected in the next two years to the main structure of the market, two years after the stock market is expected to usher in the bull market." Brokerage analysts believe that. A shares alone VS floor debt the excitement of the recent market spread a message: set people thinking of a listed company intends to sell through the value range of more than 16 times the two sets of school district housing, smooth loss in the first half, in order to losses security shell. Cold joke really become a reality! Thousands of people struggling to fight the profits of listed companies a year, less than the first tier cities to buy a house value-added income!" Have commented on people with emotion. National Bureau of statistics released 70 large and medium cities house price data show that in August average house prices continued to expand, rose to a record high since the establishment of the data series in 2011 of January. 2015 A bull market is a major boost to the housing prices down to drive into the market, the current situation is just the opposite, the fiery property market continues to attract funding, indirectly led to the lack of incremental funding A shares. From the perspective of liquidity, Nuoding asset manager Ceng Xianzhao believes that the two class market is currently in a relatively embarrassing situation, which is facing the property market, bond market, futures market and other multiple channel diversion of funds. In addition to the real estate market, the bond market in the risk-free interest rate shock rhythm into a "buy buy buy" down in futures market in the supply side reforms under the help of constantly set off "black tornado". From the beginning of 2014 so far, the bond market has continued to move cattle for nearly 3 years, the current bull market cycle over the length of historical experience, the fundamental reason lies in the interest rate market and the superposition of economic restructuring." Shun securities fixed income research director Yuan Zhihui said. Yuan Zhihui pointed out that the bond bull background, is the bond characteristics of the interest rate market to accelerate, assets and liabilities of commercial banks, the liability side of the radical adjustment of financial disintermediation, significant deposits of financial assets, the rapid development of end loans significantly, loan financing needs to butt bond tools and the allocation of bank assets transferred from loans to bonds. At the same time, in the macro economy under the new normal, to production, to carry out the lever, the loose monetary policy, and the financing needs of the real economy is shrinking, falling interest rates, and with the expansion of financial scale, high-yield bonds and other assets and reduce supply, thereby increasing the pressure on the balance sheet, and ultimately the formation of "asset huang". The futures market investors go cow is obvious to people, since the black lines of coke, coking coal futures prices earlier this year has doubled, iron ore, steel prices rose more than 50%. The advent of the bull market in the futures market has attracted the attention of many funds. The latest news is that regulators recently respectively accepted the silver futures exchange traded fund, Huaan fund declaration Dacheng Fund declaration of silver Futures Fund (LOF) and GF group Ying相关的主题文章: