A dragon 10.9 mu of crude oil can return to profitable situation Market analysis and forecast of cru jkforum

A dragon: 10.9 mu of crude oil can return to profitable situation? Market analysis and forecast of crude oil next Monday more than a single quilt release Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Abstract: personal WeChat cml452 1 [Novak words prices fell, cut the rough American petroleum drilling and a new high of 2] [Friday night] why crude oil plummeted 3 [crude oil asphalt single release strategy [4] next week, crude oil market technical analysis and operational recommendations] 5 [you] why always loss Friday night the extraordinary, last night is the National Day holiday, is also a monthly non farm Festival, friends lamented the holiday for investment too fast but also to have a non stimulus. Eleven golden week is coming to an end, then became a weekend to work day is faced with the rest, as well, adjust, make money to go to work, strive to do better; the loss of don’t worry, to sum up, to start a new job, not falling. Recently, the market again and again that silver ten is not only a gimmick, it is real profits, good grasp of the night over the storehouse, of course if you low ideas or improper operation of friends must also meet the eye everywhere overnight explosion. I often say: the loss of the previous period, does not mean that the loss of the latter; the early profit, does not mean that the latter profit. Therefore, the loss of friends do not be discouraged, profit friends do not be complacent, so that their own rational investment in a peaceful state of mind! Novak word oil prices fell, cut the rough American petroleum drilling and a new high Beijing time on Saturday (October 8th) the total number of U.S. oil drilling to October 7th when 01:00 announced the week is 428, higher than expected and the previous value of 425. The total number of wells in the United States recorded an increase for the 15 consecutive week, the highest level since February 2016. After the data were released, the oil price shock. Beijing time on Saturday morning, the Dallas fed updated quarterly energy report expressed optimism about the OPEC production plan. According to the report, with the agreement of the more recent days, oil prices gradually warmer; in addition, the production of crude oil recovery, especially as a hotbed of the Permian Basin area real estate industry. Of course, the Dallas Fed said it still needs to be wary of any ambiguity in the deal. Turkey will be held on October 9-13 in Istanbul Energy Forum, OPEC Member States, Russian President Putin and Novak will attend the forum. According to people familiar with the matter, OPEC Secretary General Barkin plans to meet with Mr. Novak at the energy conference next week to discuss and negotiate. In addition, according to the SEDA weekly, Iran oil long will not go to Istanbul next week to attend the meeting. A personal summary: Mu long oil experienced in frozen production reached seven with Yang, yesterday finally overcast, the main reason is the increase in the number of drilling, resulting in excess supply of oil to return to the city, which is the market, the news is far greater than the technical side, for this theory相关的主题文章: