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A little pig’s hero dream – Sohu maternal and child who’s heart, there is no possession of a hero dream? This is called Olivia pig, also have a dream, and her dream of one day is also true. However, her ways will surprise you. All right, let’s get to know this little pig. She’s a girl. She has two brothers, one named Sean, a man named William. Before going to school, she would be happy to make pancakes for two younger brothers. Look, she’s really been a big help to her mother! Olivia does not love wear drab uniforms. However, she always put their dress up. Face the audience, Olivia can never stage fright. This is not, today, it is her turn to tell you about the holidays, she began to speak up. Dangdang when — please note: Hero "Olivia" appeared! "That day, my mother took me to the circus with me. William can’t go, because he is still small, want to take a nap." "But, when we get there, all the circus performers are sick. They all have otitis media." "Well, I know every show in the circus." So, the big hero Olivia saves action started — the circus tattoo girl first stage. Next, look at the Lion King Olivia. Challenge the tightrope. Walking on stilts, playing ball, clown, ride a unicycle. Trapeze performance. The queen of the trampoline to. "So, I saved the circus! Now, I’m a big star." "Then, my father took me to the sea voyage. I’m done!" Would you believe her words? Don’t believe it? Oku Lime’s teacher didn’t believe it. She asked, "are you telling the truth?" Oku Lime said: "it’s true." Is it all true?" "It’s all true." "You must remember?" "I remember clearly." Then, Olivia gracefully to go home. Oku Lime’s bed hangs a portrait of President Roosevelt’s wife. Mrs. Roosevelt has a famous saying: "you must do what you cannot do." The author of this arrangement a portrait can create new styles here. Everyone has the right to pursue our dreams, but we are always asked to do what we can do. Life is wonderful, often high above the "Xianfeng". Like Olivia Olivia saves the circus, although only imagined an adventure, but to her, is a brave. She gave us the prosaic life brought novelty, also let our imagination get even a short time to fly. Perhaps this is the reason why so many people love Olivia. Free public attention WeChat – his mother’s story house or micro signal baomadegushiwu (long press copy) every day treasure mother will talk of children’s picture book story Oh sound to the kids here.相关的主题文章: