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A pang Ying star private dispatched major research group – fund channel Securities Times reporter Li Manning last week (October 24th to 28), research institutions continued to heat recovery, Shenzhen disclosure research records about 71 companies, an increase of nearly 80%. A change in the past brokerage, fund companies the most extensive phenomenon, the private equity company became the main research last week, and brought together a large number of private equity, including 132 private participation in research. Such as the recent few show thousands of capital appeared Shuanghui development research list; star stone investment, Shunya investment research Huaxi energy; research branch of China Merchants GoerTek shares, Jiuding investment to Alto electronics; Chongyang investment to the precise; Suzaku investment research Huafu etc.. Shuanghui development was one thousand capital research Shuanghui development is the most favored institutions of the company last week. In October 26th, more than 230 institutional investors in the form of a conference call on the Shuanghui development. The meeting gathered CICC, thousands of capital, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs investment, Citibank and other well-known institutions at home and abroad. The research on the mechanism of meat products, the main concern of Shuanghui development. According to reports, the company in the first three quarters of this year, meat sales of 1 million 202 thousand tons, an increase of 2.1%. In addition, fresh food sales 975 thousand tons, an increase of nearly 20%. Meat products sales prices, Shuanghui development said three quarter sales of meat products chain has improved, mainly part of the product terminal price increase, the three quarter in terms of dealer inventory products processing cost reduction. The fourth quarter and next year the price of terminal products will remain stable trend. There are agencies please Shuanghui development pork price trend forecast, the company said, in June, the number of pigs has resumed growth, the pressure of the column pig gradually released, hog prices stop rising down, has become a watershed in the year of pig price from high to low. "". The three quarter hog prices monthly decline in the fourth quarter of this year, is expected to 2017, pig prices will continue downward trend, is conducive to the further expansion of the scale of the slaughtering industry, increase profitability, but also conducive to meat products and reduce the cost of raw materials. GoerTek shares VR progress concern GoerTek shares last week was the largest private research company. October 25th, China Merchants and other 18 private placement, including nearly one hundred institutional research. The survey, GoerTek shares revealed a detailed record of about 5000 words. In the past third quarters, GoerTek shares hit a single quarter of the highest historical revenue record. Electronic accessories business, VR, wearable product volume is the main reason for the rapid growth of its performance. This year, the company is accelerating the acoustic devices to VR and other areas of intelligent hardware expansion transformation. In June this year, the company referred to as GoerTek acoustic changed to GoerTek shares". VR business development is the topic of most interest to the organization. GoerTek shares, its cooperation with customers will not use OEM mode, the lowest is JDM, ODM mode. The company will continue to invest in VR’s technical problems, such as optical path design, eye recognition, motion recognition algorithm, interactive hardware and software development, are the direction of its research and development. Organic.相关的主题文章: