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A vast million peacock Huqiu wedding ceremony wedding led " "   Gu Weichun said that Huqiu will have a big move – Fashion – people.com.cn in October 7th, in Suzhou City, Huqiu wedding is an important day, by the "million peacock dress" led by the opening of the "Huqiu wedding ceremony" record of the Huqiu wedding city an important moment business anniversary. And this expensive wedding dress brand from Huqiu, the vast, vast set chairman Xu Chuanhai introduction, the peacock wedding is to Nanjing Wedding Expo 60 anniversary gift designed by the top 8 manual workers, which lasted more than and 40 days, the peacock feather, Nanjing Millennium brocade inlaid 60 grains and Tian Baoyu produced and collected from 5 countries naturally shed 2009 days! It is in the marriage ceremony, the general manager of the Huqiu wedding Investment Co., Gu Weichun said: "in the future, Huqiu city will strive to build the development of wedding industry base and the development of business in Asia’s largest wedding dress procurement base two bases; build a business incubator, brand service, double released three platform; establishment of trend index, wedding dress the wedding dress two center, to create the perfect marriage of the whole industry chain, to" Chinese famous wedding dress "reputation, has become the leading industry benchmark and worthy of the name." The wedding ceremony in Huqiu City, the top 908 newcomers to participate in the Guinness book of world records, the marriage is still a world record. Once the effectiveness of international famous wedding designer Ma Ying Allie brand Saab, will be in Huqiu, Philippine Star Tong launched personal landing exclusive brand TO FEEL series news is that Huqiu city is to promote the direction of wedding dress design, star brand. It is reported that on October 29th at 18:00 PM, the peacock will appear in the wedding, directed by Hu Sheguang creative, vast 2017 Wei Qiying special conference site, will really cause a lot of attention wedding. (Jiang Qi, commissioning editor: Li?)相关的主题文章: