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18 months after rising property market cycle: panic buyers into the market worried about the devaluation of the market savings of up to 18 months after the market tightening cycle: imminent reporter Wang Ying Beijing reported that although some city has issued policies to curb prices, but the real estate market panic is still spreading. Albert I love my family to describe the group vice president Hu Jinghui on the real estate market, "the market panic, panic buyers, is worried about the rapid rise in house prices, good house also can not afford, and worry about the future prices fell, put themselves in the price of the high hills; the owner is panic. Worry about your house to sell cheap, and worry about future prices fell, let yourself miss this golden opportunity to sell cash." It’s not just the whole source of panic. Panic also includes a growing number of property buyers as a hedge against property tools. They worry that if you do not buy a house, their hands a little savings, will be more than half of depreciation. And become the main choice for residents to face excess liquidity hedge. Since September 30, 2014, the current round of real estate prices have continued to rise for 18 months. The property market in the rumors, the panic of the human interaction in the spread of infection, many cities began to curb price policy, in order to be able to cool the crazy market. By panic buyers into the market along the Beijing Tianjin high-speed Yongle store exports, we can arrive at the first international Peninsula, which is one of the latest from Beijing real estate. Administrative region of Tianjin, Wuqing. This is a total area of 298 hectares, with a total construction area of about 3 million square meters of large scale market. Affected by the current round of the real estate market sentiment, the real estate prices have risen to second-hand housing 15 thousand square meters. Surrounding new disc prices have risen to 27 thousand yuan square meters. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter at the scene saw a lot of property buyers to come to consult with the purpose of investment. It is worth noting that, although the property market seems to be hot, prices are rising, but the market occupancy rate is quite low. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter at the scene saw only a small number of owners living here. An intermediary told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, according to her estimates, the occupancy rate of 15%. This may be a conservative data. Panic in the property market has made many buyers in the purchase of the factors considered less and less, and even this is not a strong residential property market. As a real estate insider Lin Wei (a pseudonym) has been aware of the current market is not suitable for purchase. He judged that the end of this year the real estate market will cool, non tier cities will fall faster. But he just needs to panic or not to choose the market in the near future. The whole process is very panic buying. I handed over five sets of houses, two sets of houses have been taken away by others, and the other two houses to the owners of the final negotiations did not sell. One day the house when the house owners on the spot price increases, but in front of me that the intention of the buyers or accepted." Lin Wei told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, due to the savings in hand regardless相关的主题文章: