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After joining SDR, the RMB roaming "world" how big news with pictures on 29 September, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, people did not think that, in the 5000 kilometers away from Beijing, a 5 yuan was "supernatural". After climbing the Sigiriya Lion Rock Chinese Sri Lanka tourists Ms. Zhou was thirsty, but forgot to bring local currency at. At this time, a dark local vendors shouting "RMB, RMB", while happily accepted her hand out of the Chinese notes, handed over two bottles of mineral water. "We ‘people’s money’ can be used here!" She may not have thought of, in October 1st became the International Monetary Fund (IMF) special drawing rights (SDR) composition of the currency, the RMB will further accelerate the pace of international roaming, and in the field of trade, financial currency and reserve currency continue to meet new challenges and opportunities. Roaming the yuan, the world has just past the Mid Autumn Festival, Beijing white-collar Ms. Zhang in South Korea buy buy buy in. To her surprise, she was only 5 days in South Korea for a small number of won the cash, the other is the use of RMB UnionPay credit card or mobile payment. In order to come to South Korea to play for more money to worry about foreign exchange spent, for less worried about not enough. Now the RMB in South Korea is almost the whole ‘barrier’, some large shopping malls are directly in cash, Ms. Zhang said it was very excited about this thing. Perhaps even more exciting is that figure, 7 trillion and 230 billion yuan – the cumulative turnover of cross-border RMB trade settlement business in 2015, equivalent to the total sales of more than 1 billion iPhone7 phones. In addition to absolute volume, the proportion of cross-border trade RMB settlement scale also increased from 3.04% in the fourth quarter of 2015 to the fourth quarter of 2014 by 3.38%. "The world’s most active emerging market currencies" – the Bank of International Settlements report describes the renminbi. Yang Yang, who has long been engaged in overseas travel business, told Xinhua News Agency reporters that China’s outbound tourists every year has been. This China occurs through UnionPay bank card organization overseas credit card spending has become huge, the internationalization of RMB one of the most active figure in Thailand almost all automatic teller machine (ATM) and nearly 90% businesses with UnionPay card withdrawals or consumption; more than half of the Japanese ATM UnionPay card available cash, accept UnionPay card payment businesses nearly 50 000; almost all of the U.S. ATM and more than 80% merchants accepting UnionPay card. He also said that with the Chinese international tourism, business and other activities more and more frequent, a lot of consumer spending in China’s surrounding countries have begun to accept RMB cash, such as Vietnam, Thailand, etc.. Some countries in Africa have begun to become "hard currency"". A few days before, in the distant Africa Zimbabwe capital Harare a Stan Beek bank business, Xinhua News Agency reporter tried to ask the teller can take some rmb. The teller Dolby smiled and replied: "of course, the RMB currency is one of us. Just make an appointment 24 hours in advance." Local Chinese businessman Wang Xinju told reporters: now the RMB has been circulating in Zimbabwe, I believe that with the rmb;相关的主题文章: