After the collision of three high-speed car collided with a car after the scene of the fire smoke bi-antik

Shen Hai high-speed three car collision after the fire scene smoke billowing – Beijing Shen Hai high-speed Yancheng section of Sheyang three car collision after the fire scene smoke billowing in Nanjing on 13 September, (Gu Hua) 13 morning, G15 in Yancheng City Shen speed Sheyang County, two trucks and a car collision the collision after the fire, smoke billowing scene. Section of the road closed, the implementation of traffic diversion. It is understood that the incident is located in the G15 Shen Hai high speed Yancheng section from Nantong to direction 975K, 2 kilometers away from Sheyang County Bridge toll station. According to witnesses, the incident occurred, a car from the south to the north of the normal running of the truck suddenly burst, behind a car collision avoidance less, followed by another truck also hit the car, then three cars on fire. "A great fire, flames and smoke, the vehicle quickly burned iron shelf." Witnesses said. Jiangsu high-speed road network real-time traffic display, from 5 in the morning, G15 Shen Hai high-speed Yancheng section from Nantong to Lianyungang direction 975K from Xing Bridge toll station 2 km near the site of one way traffic interruption, because of the processing required to close the Yancheng East two-way entrance, to the direction of Lianyungang in Yancheng East Division, the accident is still in the process. 7 see in the morning, Shen Hai high-speed Yancheng east exit and salt Jing highway north of Yancheng exports, large vehicles backlog, waiting for the traffic. As of 9 points, the accident is still being processed, the local police did not release casualties. (end)相关的主题文章: