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Arts-and-Entertainment Dr Masaru Emoto, author and President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation has uncovered the fascinating link between water and the human psyche. He discovered that crystals formed in frozen water undergo transformation when specific, intense thoughts are directed towards them. Using high-speed photography, he revealed that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words, showed crystals formed in splendid, complex and colorful patterns while polluted water or water that had been exposed to negative thoughts formed dull, asymmetrical crystal patterns. This research bears direct relevance to how we can positively impact our personal health as well as our planet. The human body comprises around 95% water at birth and 70% water during adulthood. Similarly, water, which is the source of life on earth, covers 70% of the planet. From Dr Emotos work, it is evident that thoughts, words, ideas, music and human vibrational energy affect the molecular structure of water, this very same water that lies within the body and on the planet. The quality of life then, has direct bearing to the quality of water. Water alters its form with the environment. However, these changes occur not only physically, but also at the molecular level. In this regard, water has the ability to reflect the environment, physically as well as molecularly. These molecular changes, having been visually documented by Dr Emoto, show the difference in the crystalline structures of water taken from different sources and conditions. The formation of these crystals, either beautiful and intricate, or asymmetrical and dull, shows water as highly responsive to each of our thoughts and emotions. This gives evidence to the fact that we can transform ourselves and our world by the thoughts we choose to think and the things we channel our thoughts into. (Insert pics of crystals here) Dr Emoto also gives an example from nature and says that there are 10% good bacteria and 10% bad bacteria, and the majority of 80% are opportunistic, in the sense, they could swing either way. Relating them to the environment, he says that considering the various environmental issues facing us currently and the work that needs to be done in correcting or overcoming them, if more than 10% of the population becomes consciously aware, then the majority of 80% could also be pulled in that direction. Dr Masaru Emotos famous rice experiment also proves the power and impact of positive and negative words and emotions. This comprises a simple experiment wherein cooked rice was placed in two glass jars, with the words Thank You taped on one and You Fool on the other. The same words were spoken to the glass jars with the respective notes taped on them on a daily basis. At the end of a month, the appearance of the rice in both jars was greatly varied. The rice that received Thank You fermented well, and produced a good odor whereas the one that received You Fool had turned black with mold and produced a foul smell. (Insert pic of rice experiment here) Dr Emoto also believes that people following a spiritual path are promoting peace for other people as well as the planet. If the world can be united in this thought, then it can be achieved. Closer home, Monish Dhawan has a similar belief, that if we choose positivity, then we can reap its benefits on a personal level translating to good health and well-being, as well as for the environment. With the idea that thought creates, and collective thought expands many times over, I Want a Positive Headline has taken root. I Want a Positive Headline aims to become a mass movement, encouraging people to demand positive headlines from the media, in an effort to give rise to collective positive thought among the billions of people influenced by the way the media projects news. Since thoughts have a profound effect on personal health and the environment, as shown by Dr Emotos research, we need to request the media to give more importance to positive headlines. Indeed, if the world can be united in this thought, then well-being and happiness will become a way of life. And this can only begin with every persons individual decision to make the change for positivity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: