Ali pictures won the Warriors movie copyright to create a fantasy blockbuster – the media – p

Ali pictures won the "Warriors" movie copyright   to create a fantasy blockbuster – the media – original title: Ali pictures to create a fantasy blockbuster Beijing time on October 20th, at the sixty-eighth Frankfurt International Book Fair, Alibaba film group and British WorkingPartners company and its parent company Coolabi group reached an agreement to obtain "Warriors" movie copyright. The "Warriors" series of novels sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, pictures Alibaba plans to turn it into a world-class fantasy movie blockbuster. "Warriors" is a series of fantasy novels describing the animal, pet cat Rastus ventured into the mysterious forest and a group of wild cats become friends, the legend grew from an apprentice Samurai as the patriarch of Mars to join ThunderClan after. In 2003, Harper, the cat warrior of the publishing group of the, was soon to become one of the world’s most popular children’s literature, and has now been translated into 35 languages. Cat warrior has a lot of fans around the world and is popular on the internet. Alibaba’s president Zhang Yu said, "Warriors" is a very good series of novels, there are many loyal readers around the world, the Alibaba plans to film "Warriors" into a series of films, the world’s top special technology, to present the novel human and animal fantasy jungle world. Working Partners is one of Britain’s most famous children’s novels, including the creation of "Warriors" "Rainbow" magic "chasing the beast", its parent company Coolabi group business scope covers books, television, digital content publishing. (reporter Nie Kuanmian) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: