Alibaba $266 billion 400 million the first Asian Summit

Alibaba market value of $266 billion 400 million in the first summit of Asia News Agency, September 17 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Yuying) as of September 16th closing time, Alibaba on the NYSE closing price of $104.64, the market value of about $266 billion 413 million, to become the highest market value of all listed companies in asia. In Asia, the highest market capitalization company in this position, Chinese petroleum, ICBC, Japan’s TOYOTA, India’s traditional giants have paries. Prior to September 5th, Tencent in Hong Kong stock market capitalization reached HK $1 trillion and 990 billion, becoming Asia’s first. After a lapse of 12 days, the first Asian top Alibaba Tencent. Analysts said that this has been the world’s highest market value of the company has long been the trend of convergence by apple, Google, Microsoft and other Internet Co. Alibaba as the representative of China’s Internet companies, perhaps to the international competition stage. Alibaba listed on the U.S. stock exchange in September 2014, was the largest in the history of U.S. Securities IPO (initial public offering). Alibaba as of June 30th this year, the first quarter report, Alibaba quarter revenue of $4 billion 800 million, an increase of 59%, the highest since the listing of the most strong growth, exceeding market expectations. From the business sector, the Alibaba from the initial development of electricity providers, including the payment of financial ecosystem and big data, cloud computing, big entertainment, intelligent logistics network. It is noteworthy that, although the electricity supplier is still the largest source of revenue for Alibaba, but the new engine has been growing in the breeding. One of the most investors concerned about cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation projects. Alibaba in accordance with the plan, 2017 to 2019, the moment has become a $60 billion valuation of the super Unicorn ant gold suit will lead 2019 to 2021; 2021 to 2024 aliyun successor;, rookie network will become the new driving force. Alibaba will be positioned as the future of big data as the core driving force of the Internet business infrastructure, and upgraded to become a global Internet business form of pure Internet Co. G20 chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba during the full proposal eWTP (global e-commerce platform), the initiative was eventually written into the G20 bulletin. (end) into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: