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Taimu Mountain: play offbeat and stone Dance – Fuding Taimu Mountain tourism Sohu "more people can see the mountain, clouds or flash. Tianlao days of intense suffering to the cross, tops the five Chicheng mask. Tiantai eighteen thousand Zhang, this is to fall southeast." When Li Bai first read his "grand" Tianmu Mountain ascended in a dream, dreams often indulge in Li Xiansen in the creation of force as high as inextricably bogged down in, Wesley, foot Xiegong clogs body Denzin ladder, sunny ocean, the air smell of chicken. In the cloud green come to rain Dan Dan Xi smoke dreamland, was the hill crest collapse, "the stone door slammed in the open, then see rainbow garments, riding on the wind, cloud Xi came under the monarch, immortal man, column like! Dream to do so surging, I wait for mortal people to give their knees on the spot. The bow and scrape powerful thing, so that I may not be happy! And the White Hart green slope, to ride mountain. There were also so, ancient waters flowing east. Talent is so capricious! I and other non Fuding people especially the people of Zhejiang will naturally make female urine was the education of Tianmu is located in the Zhejiang Xinchang Tianmu Mountain, because "it investment in Akito Yan Su, Tianmu Cen. But apparently, Fujian said quite dissatisfied, they think this is Li Xiansen had been naughty, but under the guise of the name in Tianmu Shan, really wrote the scene of Fujian Tailao and rumors, one word is: they think Taibai written by Comrade "Tianmu Mountain ascended in a dream" is the protagonist, really — Taimu Mountain. Early on the weather, Taimushan, the yen value plummeted, prompting almost every mountain will meet good weather and even call the emperor classmates she missed — as long as women fate was enough — fortunately, Taimushan beauty, originally do not rely on these external packaging to reflect, as a temperament has the connotation of the mountain, Taimushan vulgarity available four words to describe: mountain wonderland. Taimu Mountain is located in the northeast of Fujian Province, forty-five kilometers away from the urban area of Fuding, in the East China Sea, three facing the sea, a mountain, North Yandang, West Wuyi, according to legend Yao when mother orchid in the mountains, and the emergence of Xian to every monk named "too, mother", later renamed "too basking". It is coarse granite rocks, Mesozoic Cretaceous geological history product, dating back nearly billion years, the crustal movement in the mountains and cliffs, gradually formed a cave with millions of years arranged in a crisscross pattern, wind and rain erosion and water erosion, finally see today’s towering peaks and rugged rocks. Previous praise: "no one like vulgar Tailao stone, Shengong, with the Italian people know, Vientiane in the chest." Honesty does not deceive the. Taimu Mountain, most of the time in the circle of stones lamented the peculiar shape of different temperament, or their harmony, or towering, or other warm heart, such as free or some outsiders, we traveled up and down, in the meantime, saw a steep narrow slit as bright as sun and moon, the steep, a look back, just surprised feel actually in the body is Gu mountain, overlooking, the vast sea, sea mountains, vast, misty, under the steep ladder, shocking, a variety of real beauty, not who cannot be personally on the scene. World famous monk of Taimu Mountain is also accounted for more. Guoxing temple, baiyun temple, hall of five hundred Arhats are the eye of the mountain to mountain.相关的主题文章: