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"Anger hero", causing the industry concern four starring into the topic of anger hero _13 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "fury hero" Tencent entertainment news by Mao Weining as general director, screenwriter Wang Chenggang, Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia, Huo Zhengyan, Jo Jo and other people in anger "Heroes" landing in Jiangsu, since September 7th Shenzhen two TV plays, word-of-mouth, ratings continued to rise. With the continuous advance of the story, Wang Lei played the role of Yuan Shuai, played by the role of the yuan, as well as the role of the yuan, as well as the role played by the Xue Xue, as well as the success of the attention of everyone’s attention, as well as the role of the yuan, as well as the role played by the role of the song, as well as the role of the song, as well as the role of the song, as well as the role of. Many users in the automatic Amway drama at the same time, it is the actor’s performance, the role of the charm of dumping. "Hero" jiejiegao anger reputation ratings industry attention war drama director Mao Weining’s masterpiece as a realistic theme, "anger not only adhere to the" real heroes "efforts", will be more shooting skills upgrade again, creating a true and beautiful, firm and delicate visual effects. Netizen said, "the hero of anger" is the latest TV series I’ve seen in recent years, and I never knew that war could be done in such a way." A well-known critic admits, "" hero "anger makes us rethink the war history of the modern people’s influence. Especially the starting point, the drama of the beach, which is closely related to the lives of many people, or in the history of the most imposing stroke, it can be said that the "Heroes" anger sparked industry new focus on the theme of war." "Anger" Heroes "success lies in the fact that it from the inside of the realistic themes, not only has the true history of the culture background, but also the reduction of old Shanghai in the image environment, more importantly, shooting techniques and the role of the deal are steadfast down to earth. By faith it is ultimately difficult to whitewash the joking tree screen model, "hero" in a rage drama triggered audience attention to history, it is undeniable." As the broadcast continues, more and more users on the stand point of praise. "A new world situation" four roles Qi awesome promotion for the unique performance of the war is a hot topic in "hero" anger in theme and form, and the four starring wonderful performance, let the audience applauded, and even become a hot topic. Wang Lei played, handsome, had to give his brother the tuition fee as the incarnation of a thief, even dogs and wits, this low to the dust in the role, in Wang Lei’s words, "true humor, is from the land difficult to grow." Deng Jiajia plays Guan Shuang, prominent family background, forthright, perceived arrogant woman, her interpretation was pretty and lovely, full of all corners of the country children’s chivalrous temperament. Yuan Shuai and’s super CP sense, also proved the strength of the two starring. Huo Zhengyan plays, also, before and after the contrast of the large let users call "yuan is seen, this change we can’t catch up." This split role, fully embodies Huo Zhengyan’s good acting. Jo Jo’s Xue Wanning is quiet, gentle, faint air like long white clouds, but because the love of human, attracted netizens concern many, "can’t bear to watch a little deeper ah." The couple of Sadomasochism after the story will be how to develop, but also the audience.相关的主题文章: