Anhui Province, the tenth Party Congress of the delegation of provincial Party committee work report zngay

The delegation of the tenth Party Congress of Anhui province deliberated the provincial Party committee’s work report on October 30th afternoon. The delegations of the tenth Party Congress of Anhui province reviewed the work report of Comrade Li Jinbin on behalf of the ninth Committee of the CPC Anhui province. Delegates warmly discussion, spoke enthusiastically, agreed that the report theme, rich content, in line with the central spirit, reflect the characteristics of the times, with the reality of Anhui, is one of the human resources, innovation, pragmatic and good report. Over the past five years, our comprehensive strength increased substantially, people’s lives improved significantly in five years, the reform and opening up, continue to deepen the innovation accelerated burst of five years, is the party to further promote and optimize the political ecology of five years, is the three province construction achievements, to highlight the fully completed striding well-off society forward five years. Delegates affectionately said that the report made a realistic summary of the work and achievements of the Ninth Party Congress of the province. This achievement is hard won and inspiring. This is the result of the strong leadership and cordial solicitude of the Party Central Committee with Comrade General Secretary’s comrades as the core. It is the result that the party organizations at all levels in the province unite and lead the party members and cadres to forge ahead and fight hard. The report clearly put forward the objectives and tasks of the work of the next five years, the delegates agreed that this is very exciting, "five development" break a new path, walking in the forefront of the square building, a comprehensive well-off, to comprehensively strengthen the party’s decisive victory, Anhui to create a new goal good point of lofty, clear thinking, practical. Has a strong forward-looking, targeted guidance. Believe that the strong leadership of the Anhui provincial Party committee, firm action to lead the development of new concept of development, through the joint efforts of the whole province, unremitting struggle, can win a decisive victory completed a comprehensive well-off society, must be able to create a better construction of Anhui will become more brilliant. The delegates said, as we report painted a beautiful blueprint for the next five years, the realization of this blueprint, also need to dare to gnaw bones of the spirit of solid work, in promoting the supply side structural reform, innovation driven development, coordinated development of urban and rural areas, the reform and opening up, the socialist democratic political construction, cultural prosperity with the development of poverty alleviation, and improve people’s livelihood as the focus of social construction, ecological civilization construction and other aspects of a great effort, really work, to ensure that the work of solid progress, to achieve tangible results. Comprehensively and strictly administering the party is the key to the strategic layout of the "four overall" strategy. The deputies believe that the construction of innovation coordination in green open sharing beautiful Anhui, lies in the party, to the three three real strict requirements for further promoting the comprehensive strictly, to further boost morale, temper excellent style, to create first-class performance, in order to strictly push new achievements in economic and social development of a new leap forward. Source of the manuscript: Zhong An Online

安徽省第十次党代会各代表团审议省委工作报告   10月30日下午,安徽省第十次党代会各代表团审议李锦斌同志代表中共安徽省第九届委员会所作的工作报告。代表们热烈讨论、踊跃发言,一致认为报告主题鲜明、内涵丰富,符合中央精神、体现时代特色、切合安徽实际,是一个凝心聚力、开拓创新、求真务实的好报告。   过去的五年,是我省综合实力大幅提升、人民生活显著改善的五年,是改革开放持续深化、创新活力加速迸发的五年,是管党治党深入推进、政治生态不断优化的五年,是“三个强省”建设成效彰显、向着全面建成小康社会阔步前进的五年。代表们深情地表示,报告对省第九次党代会以来的工作和取得的成绩进行了实事求是的总结。这份成绩来之不易、催人奋进。这是以习总书记同志为核心的党中央坚强领导、亲切关怀的结果,是全省各级党组织团结带领广大党员和干部群众锐意进取、顽强拼搏的结果。   报告明确提出了今后五年工作的目标任务,代表们对此十分振奋,一致认为,“五大发展”闯出新路、全国方阵走在前列、全面小康决战决胜、党的建设全面加强、美好安徽开创新篇的目标立意高远、思路清晰、切实可行,具有很强的前瞻性、针对性、指导性。坚信在安徽省委的坚强领导下,坚定地以新发展理念引领发展行动,通过全省上下共同努力、不懈奋斗,一定能够夺取全面建成小康社会的决定性胜利,一定能够创造美好安徽建设更加辉煌的成就。   代表们表示,报告为我们绘就了未来五年的美好蓝图,实现这一蓝图,还需要以敢啃“硬骨头”的精神真抓实干,在推进供给侧结构性改革、创新驱动发展、城乡区域协调发展、改革开放、社会主义民主政治建设、文化繁荣发展、以脱贫攻坚和民生改善为重点的社会建设、生态文明建设等方面下大力气、用真功夫,确保各项工作扎实推进、取得实效。 全面从严治党是“四个全面”战略布局的关键所在。代表们认为,建设创新协调绿色开放共享的美好安徽,关键在党,要以“三严三实”要求深入推进全面从严治党,进一步提振精神士气、锤炼优良作风、创造一流业绩,以全面从严治党新成效推动经济社会发展新跨越。   稿件来源:中安在线相关的主题文章: