Apple gas halo! Microsoft announced that consumers buy surface Pro can be offset by MacBook (video)

Apple gas halo! Microsoft announced that Surface Pro Macbook can be used to buy consumer credit Tencent Francisco October 30th, Microsoft introduced a new policy, may put the apple gas inside. Microsoft’s new policy is that if consumers buy Surface Pro or Surface Book and other devices, it can be used to offset Apple’s Macbook. According to foreign media reports, after Apple released an important statement MacBook Pro announced the launch of a few hours, then Microsoft also announced that any American consumers are in the Microsoft store (including retail stores and online stores, buy a new Surface Pro) or Surface Book equipment, using their MacBook Air or MacBook Pro exchange limit $650 discount. However, Microsoft’s old discount for the duration of the campaign lasted only to U.S. Pacific time on November 10, 2016 at 11:59 pm. In view of the starting price of $899 for the Surface Pro Surface Book, the starting price of $1499, therefore, if the purchase of preferential measures through the transfer, the starting price paid by the user to buy Surface Pro so when $250 starting price for the purchase of Surface Book required to pay only $850. Of course, this is only calculated at the highest discount. In addition, because Microsoft has just launched the Surface Book i7, so now the timing is also very suitable. If the user is not satisfied with the launch of Apple’s new version of Macbook, then Microsoft hopes that the company’s release of the new policy to convince these users to buy a new Surface computer, rather than Apple’s Macbook. Microsoft also said in a statement, there is no equipment can be comparable to our Surface series of equipment performance, convenience and other features comparable. If the user has a Mac computer, but would like to experience the configuration of the touch screen of high-end laptops, then to buy Surface bar, Microsoft store waiting for you!" Apple’s new version of the MacBook Pro computer does not touch screen, but on the keyboard configuration Touch Bar, in order to replace the keyboard function. Microsoft pointed out that in all users of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices, about 97% of users "often use touch input function". At the same time, Microsoft also said that Surface buyers told Microsoft that "they could not imagine not using a touch screen input function computer what it is, because the touch screen input function is very easy and very convenient." Microsoft’s above offer is indeed good, but over the years, Mac users have been waiting for the replacement of new equipment. In addition, Apple will not spend too much money to replace the user’s old MacBook. (compile Jin Quan) future computer: Microsoft new S.相关的主题文章: