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Artists Arabic art could not exist without the beauty and spirituality of Arabic calligraphy. While in the Western world writing is considered simply one the many ways we can .municate our language, the written word in Arabic culture is considered a physical art form in and of itself. It is an ancient and spiritual form of artistic expression borne out of the need to express the beauty of the world while adhering to the constraints of the Islamic religion. In Islamic culture it is considered disrespectful to Allah to gaze upon the physical form of a person in appreciation of their beauty. And so depicting the physical form in art is also considered disrespectful to Islam. As a result, Arabic art adapted geometric forms, floral design and, in particular, calligraphy as a means to express their relationship with the divine presence of Allah. Arabic calligraphy art depicts the physical form and the beauty of the world through the formation of the written word, which holds holy significance to members of the Islamic faith. This ancient and religious art form is now finding its way into contemporary design accessible to modern consumers through mass printing production. While some of the spirituality of the Arabic calligraphy is lost in the process of mass production, a new generation and culture can now appreciate this beautiful art form and what is signifies from the .fort of their home. Contemporary designers of wall art, textiles and furnishing are now finding inspiration from Arabic calligraphy art taking the beautiful lettering and creating elegant and customized pieces for your home. So what are some of the design elements can you expect to see in a contemporary Arabic calligraphy art design? Directionality Conventionally, Arabic calligraphy is written from right-to-left in horizontal lines and spaced according to the aesthetic design of the writer. However, contemporary calligraphy designers may choose to alter the spacing and direction of the script in order to convey an alternate perspective, as long as this does not alter the message of the script and it is still able to be .prehended. Visual representations Many calligraphy characters can be arranged as a representation of an animal or plant as an extra point of emphasis to the meaning of the words. They can also be arranged mathematically to demonstrate the perfection and divinity of the world. Contemporary designers often make use of these concepts by creating .plex pictograms with calligraphy characters to enhance their aesthetic appeal to modern consumers. Variations in style Arabic calligraphy art has been refined over the years and developed many distinct style each with its own spiritual significance and emphasis of meaning. Modern graphic designers can make use of this variation to create custom designs to fit your needs as an Arabic Art consumer. Now even those of us not of the Islamic faith can enjoy the beauty and poetry found in Arabic calligraphy with customized contemporary wall art. Art design .panies now offer customized calligraphy designs available in a variety of media for your home dcor needs. Let the poetic words of the Quran and other significant Arabic texts give you a daily reminder of the beauty of the world and the written form. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: