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"Arrow" in twenty-second Damien his wife killed the Sohu Sohu   entertainment; entertainment news thea Damien broke into the secret base Oliver live by Malcolm under house arrest in Noah’s Ark safety zone. Oliver and John looking around in the city, two people under the guidance of the Felicity found the underground entrance. Noah’s Ark security zone can withstand nuclear attack, Damien plans to detonate all the earth’s nuclear weapons, Noah’s Ark is his planned safe haven. She has been brainwashed, Oliver in the room was knocked down several guards with guns aimed at thea Malcolm appeared in men, accompanied by his triumphant attack Olivier. A few years back before the drug on the island, and Tai’an, to carry Olivier mysterious skull escape, two soldiers chased his gun on Tayana body, allowing no explanation in a fire, Tai’an, shot in the head after the absorption of mysterious power, personality change attempted to occupy the mysterious skull. Olivier see Tai’an Na zouhuorumo, anxious to persuade, but the stun on the ground. The horse is Desperado captured Damien daughter, he and Malcolm to monitor a pedestrian loudspeaker, claiming that in half an hour to kill his wife and daughter Damien. The situation is urgent. Oliver and convalescent thea arrived at the site of the incident, the horse is still full of instrument room cheated, Olivier accidentally shot burst of explosive devices, the whole room immediately explode, the horse is still in chaos in an arrow Oliver shot Damien stab into his wife’s body, referred to as Oliver. The ark is the wife of Damien, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed collapse, falling ceiling pieces of death, Oliver rescued Damien’s daughter. A pedestrian escaped from Noah’s ark, standing on the edge of collapse of fear, has destroyed the Noah’s Ark safety zone, on earth no place can withstand nuclear bomb. Damien’s friend from the mouth to the survival of the party security zone were destroyed, surprise and anger to Olivier body. Donna is the mother of Felicity, she wanted her daughter Felicity away from his father Tekule, Felicity inherited the computer hacker gene father, Donna Felicity, after becoming worried about illegal hackers. Damien lost his beloved wife broke into the secret base Olivier shelter, Oliver led man team at the base, Damien looked at Felicity’s murderous daughter, claiming to slaughter to Oliver a lesson.   相关的主题文章: