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Finance Before purchasing your annuity, speak with your broker about the financial rating of the insurance company providing your annuity contract. These programs help you decide where you should place your money based on your circumstances. The investor is free to decide the time intervals between contributions to their annuity. Expenses of Variable and Fixed Annuities There are higher fees associated with variable annuities than with fixed annuities. A downturn in the market will bring a decrease in the principal and interest amounts of your annuity. Unfortunately, The FDIC does not guarantee annuities. Companies may have an annual contract charge for administrative and surrender fees along with a mortality and risk expense charge. Similar to a fixed annuity, fixed account option variable annuities guarantee principal and interest. Fixed Annuities A guaranteed interest rate offers conservative investors the stability they want in a fixed rate annuity. This allows you to switch your money to take advantage of market trends without the worry of additional taxes. Flexible-payment annuities can receive ongoing investment of funds. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) backs some forms of investments. Some have a fixed account option. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit the divergent types of consumers future value annuity definition whose needs they serve. A variable fund prospectus will be given to you prior to purchasing this annuity. Credit: Michael CarlisleThe risk expense charge helps cover the death benefit, expense level, and available payment options. Make sure to read it carefully before making your decision. Once this type of annuity is chosen, further contributions are not possible. The guaranteed rate lasts for a specified period. Annuities can be purchased in two different ways. What are Annuities? Variable Annuities Variable annuities have fluctuating rates of return based on investments in stocks, bonds, or money market accounts. Having the right information about annuities in an understandable format will help you decide which annuity you may want to purchase. You can take some of your money and put it in a higher risk account while saving the rest in a more stable low risk account. Fees for variable annuities are more complicated. With variable annuities, you can move your money between funds while maintaining your tax deferred status. In other words, you can take your money out of a high-risk account, and transfer it to a low-risk account within the same annuity while avoiding a tax payment on that money. Instead, the strength of annuities lies in the financial stability of the issuing insurance company. Once the first period is over, a rate adjustment occurs for the next period. Some companies take the cost of annuity expenses and fees into consideration when they decide the periodic interest rates they will pay investors for their fixed annuities. Annuities are contracts between the insurance company and a person investing in a retirement income plan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: