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At the end of the city regret: hike smoke intensified, mixed data Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Gold: the value of the golden season, the market sentiment itself downturn, but the external market is not the case. As early as June last year, gold prices plummeted swissy time, events, and people seem to forget the black swan. In this year, with the British retreat European drama kicked off, the pound again tumbled in after the referendum, to give the market a strong medicine, deep water bomb explosion, no doubt to calm market raged. The Fed’s performance this week is equally strong. Hawks have long fallen, with the loss of confidence on interest rate market, the Hawks publicly years is bound to raise interest rates, while the September FOMC dismal ending, the market is expected to raise interest rates on December gas. The gold and silver market, non US market strong dollar index fell steadily rising. Gold once fell 3%, back to the bottom of the 1300. Weeks from the 1320 point line, fell to the lowest point 1244 line overnight, approaching $100 down, let the market be struck dumb. The pound is dropped to a bottomless pit, fell below the 1.25 bull market stops, a large number of short selling to follow suit, will have to pound the abyss. A repeat of the 1525 line of gold Powei tragedy. The euro is a non US market overall dismal run down. Gold is not the United States and the United States has temporarily useless property. Only allow the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in the wind up on board. Gold is dead, long has been bad, the interest rate has become a trend which cannot be halted foundation of market panic heart. Yesterday, the payrolls data under the stimulus, gold, non US overall rebound, then quickly dropping, gold is dropping Powei 1250, fell to 1244 line. At this point, the market has shown that the market is empty. But the truth is that? And not. In yesterday’s rebound, the author thought that the golden stage of the low market has emerged, the so-called gold bull dead fallacy. 1: from Friday’s performance, the overall bearish market is not false, but after Friday a day of operation, we can see the gold Powei is not strong on Thursday. Especially after the payrolls data bullish market rapid breaking 1250, then quickly pulled up over 1250, and the closing price is above 1250, which is obviously short profit under the trend of short bombarded gold short profits, to Qingcang last stage. At the same time, a strong back on the convenience of 1250 is the best proof. If the bear really went down, then after the first batch of chips will not let broken 1250, gold back above 1250, to judge the stage of dropping gold overnight at essentially short profit. 2: down $80, the indicators, as well as the urgent need to modify the shape and structure. After the fundamentals of brewing tragedy, the market turned short. But a disk, you will find that the gold is still in a bull overall upward trend. As early as September, the author has been emphasized on相关的主题文章: