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Automobiles Audi A4 in the fancy midsize cars market As we all know, the telephone is updating almost everyday and it seems that we will never be satisfied with existing things. So in order to conform to the customers’ demand for the upgrading and updating of commodities, Audi launched the New A4 recently. With a super popular, Audi A4 have made a remarkable market performance in global automobile market. Take this advantage, recently, Audi officially released the new A4 overseas, and in January next year, they will be launched in European auto market. The New Audi A4 Navigation is the eighth generation product of Audi mid-size cars mid-term improved. The new models released this time include Audi A4 Sedan, Audi A4 Avant, Audi A4 all-road quattro and Audi sports car, the appearance of all these models have been redesigned, which show the Audi family’s latest design concept, the interior design has also been updated simultaneously. Thus, Audi once again set a quality benchmark for its same level cars. At the same time, the new Audi A4 are equipped with more More technologically advanced and efficient petrol and diesel engines. The Audi Company has also applied a series of the most innovative intelligence technologies to the driver auxiliary system and information and entertainment systems. The application of these new technologies strengthen the leading position of the new eighth Audi A4 in the fancy midsize cars market, and also bring Audi users more efficient, safer and more convenient driving experience. As the eighth generation product mid-term improved, the new Audi A4 show people almost a whole new visage. The front of the car have been redesigned, the inverted trapezoidal integration air-inlet grille have been slashed two vertex angles, which forms more dynamic and tridimensional hexagonal ‘big mouth’; The air intakes and foglights at the bottom of the classic bumper have been remodeled demonstrating the flavor of times. The new headlights are the largest highlight of the car’s entire front face : The shape of automobile lamps become more dynamic, the most classic design of the new A4 is that its LED daytime running lights are evolved from granular lachrymiform to equally and continuously distributed LED light bond. Which make the new Audi A4 more younger and fashionable. Besides, the new Audi A4’s interior design becomes more meticulous and the emission level has been reduced by 11% than previous cars. What’s better, the more advanced car electronics bring us more intelligent security and also provide drivers with leading edge human-machine interaction, such as enhanced MMT navigation system and the world’s first car WLAN hotspot function. The new Audi A4 must bring the world’s car fans unexpected pleasure and an new experience! By Mandy from Published: Nov 19, 2011 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: