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Aunt to eat more than 10 superstition "fight" centipede cure hemorrhoids killed the newspaper news (Wang Haijiao reporter Jin Yong in Huoying), his martial arts works often have such a plot, a protagonist in the poison, in order to treat with the centipede, and other snakes poison to "fight", and some people have also spread the "fight" folk prescription. Four Hayi Da Hospital infection department recently treated a superstitious folk prescription, eat centipede cure hemorrhoids, leading to kidney failure patients were died. Doctors advise, take poison to cure, often counterproductive. Not long ago, Harbin more than and 50 year old Lee haemorrhoid, miserable. Then she heard a recipe, said that eating centipede can cure hemorrhoids. Ms. Lee did not consult a doctor within two days of their ate more than and 10 centipede, followed by nausea, fatigue, urine and other symptoms, was rushed to the hospital of Harbin Medical University hospital. Tests show, Ms. Lee increased 2000 times compared with normal transaminase, blood coagulation function was seriously damaged, was diagnosed as acute liver failure". Department of infectious diseases more than medical personnel to rescue, still failed to stop the progress of Lee’s condition, and soon developed into hepatic encephalopathy, and coma, disease progression, dangerous rapidly, eventually hepatic and renal failure died. According to the vice president, four Hayi Da Hospital infection department director Zhu Liying introduced clinically elevated due to unexplained transaminase and attendance of patients, through a detailed inquiry, finally diagnosed as drug-induced liver injury in the minority. The light of drug-induced liver injury after discontinuation of self-healing, severe cases can cause liver failure or even life-threatening. Chinese medicine Polygonum improper use easy to liver injury according to experts, many people think that Chinese medicine has no toxic side effect, in fact, a number of domestic and foreign research shows that more than 20% of the drug induced liver injury is caused by traditional Chinese medicine, including Polygonum multiflorum, soil 37, Tripterygium wilfordii, Bupleurum pill when can cause liver damage. In addition to traditional Chinese medicine, some antipyretic analgesics, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, anti TB drugs, lipid-lowering drugs is also easy to cause liver damage. The expert reminds, whether Chinese or western medicine, are not allowed to medication, not abuse of remedies, should be under the guidance of professional medical treatment, in strict accordance with the instructions to control the dosage and avoid arbitrarily increase the dose or prolonged treatment. Pay attention to the monitoring of liver function during the drug use, once the occurrence of liver damage, timely withdrawal, and to seek the best treatment of liver disease. Note: video only for extended reading. Aunt superstitious "fight" eat more than and 10 centipede cure hemorrhoids died相关的主题文章: