Autumn, the most beautiful bi – Sohu travel queer as folk

In autumn, the most beautiful Bipengou – Sohu travel when the sun shines to the valley you will see the yellow leaves and the accumulation of snow capped mountain alpine lakes and water reflection of each other in this forest like a shuttle on the autumn fairyland… Remove film removed leaves removed slowly remove no streams of sunlight and remove snow in autumn, the sun is especially beautiful to remove remove remove remove reflection of plateau lake clear lakes water to remove snow and yellow leaves to remove the beautiful mountain road to remove eighteen tourists from a lot of bending removed removed so beautiful a a plateau scenery is in more than and 200 kilometers from Chengdu County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture beautiful Bipengou scenic area and Bipengou scenic area on the left side is the famous Four Girls Mountain Sina micro-blog: @ where Smart Traveler Based on Dambyn ass mother travel Daren China Gallery contract photographer相关的主题文章: