B analysis of adverse index points away from home – Le Havre Sohu winbook

B: Le Havre index analysis of unfavorable points away from home – Sohu law B: Laval VS Le Havre SMG number: 011 Friday game time: November 5, 2016 03:00 asian handicap: 1.10 tied 0.78 events: Interpretation of Laval this season’s relegation road is not easy, after the 13 round only 2 victory, the 11 ranked fourth. A game with Ndiaye and Dylan, Apingdan Laval St. goal 3-1 victory over Ajaccio, which is also the team’s first win in 8 games. Le Havre nearly 5 war 4 wins 1 of the negative results, although the last round to beat Lance, but the team with stable record continues to dominate the first group. Analysis of ball tank handicap: refers to open deuce plate, deuce plate for a better state and have enough strength to support Le Havre chongjia, Laval 1 wins 3 flat 2 negative home court. Well, nearly 4 home court games also only 1 opponents, win odds play in Europe refers to a high of 2.60 adverse chupan guest in this battle, the home team unbeaten. SMG football recommended: (+1) 3 asian handicap recommendation: Laval相关的主题文章: