Bally Beijing SKP men’s store re opened model scene interpretation of the 2016 autumn and winter ser

Bally Beijing SKP men’s clothing store reload opening model live 2016 winter series lead: Recently, Bally Beijing SKP menswear boutique renovated after the opening, in addition to the customers enjoy more abundant products, models are still at the scene interpretation of the 2016 winter series of wonderful costumes. Model interpretation Bally 2016 autumn and winter series after the reloading of the Bally Beijing men’s boutique SKP autumn and winter series tells the story of a retro party 2016…… 2016 Bally winter men’s time is late, they still came, arm in arm, laughing from the house slowly walked up the marble staircase. The main hall is full of a rock star, nobles, geeks and artists, with music, toast each other. On top of the head, the chandelier crystal wings stretch out. The air is filled with smoke, the voice is noisy, the night, the infinite. Bally 2016 Winter Series in the corner, an elderly old photographer on the spacious fur sofa, dressed in a frilly shirt, tie, is listening to a man wearing a large round glasses of young artists about his last trip to California. The artist leaned, wearing a striped rugby shirt collocation purple velvet tuxedo, colored socks and paint splashed shoes don’t match, "I’m thinking about moving there." He whispered, "there is light color and incomparable, and you can have their own swimming pool." Bally 2016 winter series of the center of the crowd, a long lead singer of the rock by the look of worship around a group of ladies, he is said on a tour fun band. He is dressed in black and white color double breasted plaid coat color collocation, Oxford shoes. The rock singer in the best of spirits said, enjoying all the attention, until a friend wearing bright Teddy bear coat appeared to drag him away, the old friends dressed in a white shirt, with a top cap.相关的主题文章: