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Banks push property two mortgage concerns Beijing – the moment, many prices are experiencing a rise, many people want to invest in real estate change around the house, some people even playing the banks in the housing loan against the idea of business, want to raise Shoufu funds. In this context, the bank has not yet been introduced to repay the loan property can also be two mortgage loan products concern. However, experts believe that if the real estate price fluctuations, will affect the safety of collateral, and once the majority of banks to follow suit, will lead to an increase in the size and risk of credit. Guangzhou Daily reporter Lin Xiaoli "China Merchants Bank personal housing mortgage loans, long life, low interest rates, easy to apply, the most important two charge, even if the current house mortgage, can also lend appreciation part." This loan advertising recently spread widely on social platforms. "Two and" real estate loans can not buy stocks for the reporter learned that, at present China Merchants Bank launched the housing loan products, including Shanghai and other places, because the policy allows, launched the two real estate mortgage, the house mortgage loan, to lend appreciation part. While others, including Guangzhou and other cities, before the mortgage settlement can also be given in accordance with the credit situation of micro credit loans, not the two mortgage refinancing. China Merchants Bank official said, the loan is prohibited for use, purchase stocks and investment are prohibited by the state. Therefore, the use of compliance clear, there is no problem to improve the proportion of buyers leverage. A bank source told reporters that the bank pushed the housing two charges, and the recent hot property market is also not unrelated. The source told reporters that the practice of many banks is that no matter what kind of mortgage property, the mortgage can only be used for personal consumption or business, must not be used for real estate, stocks. China Banking Regulatory Commission also provides that the amount of consumer loans issued if the amount of more than 300 thousand yuan, can not be directly hit the lender’s account, but to take the form of payment, the use of the account related to the use of. For example, the application of the decoration of the loan, directly to the account of the decoration company to apply for direct entry into the travel agency accounts, in order to prevent the use of loans have changed. Another bank who told reporters that although the regulation required banks to strictly regulate the use of the loans, but part of the bank supervision, loans to customers to change the purpose of the loan is resort to deceit, open one eye closed, banks have even helped customers decoration fictitious sales contracts, let the bank take the money to find the relationship between the families, turn out to buy stocks. In fact, consumer loans, such as operating loans to the property, the stock market phenomenon, has been difficult to put an end to." The person said. The housing loan against illegal operations to prevent another real estate intermediary also told reporters that the current housing prices soared, skyrocketing property, a lot of people are trying to find the money in real estate, including playing the banks "housing loan" business ideas, with consumer loans to raise their Shoufu funds hope. The person also told reporters that the loan is not directly to the lender’s personal account, need to hit a third party account about the transition, usually packaged into buy mahogany furniture, jewelry, decoration, make money to these places, then.相关的主题文章: