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The transfer of Basa ten years observation: second high investment sign 6 reinforcements and then washed three [] Basa 6-2 wins battle crown Betty J Messi scored 2 1 Basa (official data) to spend 35 million euros to buy Andre Gomes Tencent sports news September 1st 2016 Summer window closed, Basa put a ten year high of 122 million signed 6 new aid, Umm Titi, Suarez, Denis, Andre Gomes and other players to join the promotion of Basa bench strength. After the completion of active renewal, Barcelona goal of the season is still three trophies. 1, the transfer window after spending summer, Barcelona has invested 122 million euros signings in Europe, ranked fourth, behind Manchester (data) and Manchester United, Juventus (official data), and net investment in Barcelona, has invested 90 million 650 thousand euros, also ranked fourth. 122 million euros of investment can be ranked second in Barcelona on nearly 10 years of history, second only to invest 169 million euros signings in the summer of 2014 when Enrique took over. It is worth mentioning that, nearly 10 years into the Barcelona is the least in the 2006-07 season, the first Rijkaard season, Barcelona only invested 31 million euros signings. Barcelona summer signings window strategy is quite clear, that is to enhance the strength of the bench, and signing young players. In the lineup to retain the basic situation, the six players signing Barcelona age are between 22 to 23 years old, Silayson, Umm Titi, Digne, Denis – Suarez, Andre – Gomes, he joined the lineup and significantly enhance the strength, but also reduces the volume of the average age of barcelona. Ba Tomei U said, we use the next few years, the budget to enhance the strength of the team." 2, star 2015-16 season, Barcelona won the domestic cup and Champions League Championship, but was eliminated early still exposed Barcelona short board, that is to substitute the player and the players strength is much short board, Enrique can only use excessive main players, this leads to the main force player at a critical moment not a physical. Check in 6 new aid, perhaps only Umm Titi is expected to be among the main lineup, but taking into account the age of the 6 new aid, strength, they will play a greater role in the future. Compared with last season’s lineup, Bravo, Alves two players leave, but let the Chilean keeper is because Barcelona want to reuse the younger teershite, while Alves left, Sergi – Roberto, Vidal is also expected to take the lead. In other positions, Barcelona retain the main players, Peake, Mascherano, Busquets, Iniesta (data) (data), Rakiti and MSN will still be the key impact of the new season three champion barcelona. 3, Barcelona summer signings lineup overview window strategy very clear, that is to enhance the bench strength through reinforcements, while reducing the average age of the team. Obviously, the Barcelona has invested heavily in the successful completion of the task, Umm Titi, D join make Barcelona defense more dynamic, three consecutive games starting in Ulm is demonstrating the Brian good strength, Denis – Suarez, Andre – Gomes also made his debut).相关的主题文章: