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Battle   Volkswagen MAGOTAN and Passat which good? — car — original title: for the new Volkswagen MAGOTAN and Passat with the door of which good? Familiar with Volkswagen’s friends must have known, a new step in the foreign market is the eighth generation of Passat, so basically this is a contrast to the old and new topic. In the special market environment China, while sales of new and old models and the leading position of the case is not rare, not to mention the Passat is just at the beginning of the change of the medium-term "new models", so this article will show you the manuscript not only contrast the difference between the two models, also hope to be able to practice buy help.     new MAGOTAN just listed, basically in the car stage, the terminal has not obvious discount rate; and listed at the beginning of this year has been in the terminal market Passat can get about 40 thousand discount rate. Considering the terminal market, we selected the top models and the 2.0T displacement of the top models in new step is to compare the two models of configuration of rich degree has reached a higher level, can fully meet the friends who feel the German car quality requirements, and in the end the market price is close to two vehicles. Comparison of vehicle model name price (yuan) discount terminal (million) step 2017 380TSI DSG distinguished type 27.39 no Passat 2016 380TSI DSG Extreme Edition 29.394     from the body size can be seen, the two models are the standard intermediate car body, the new platform of the vehicle body size but in MAGOTAN not long wheelbase Passat, and outstanding design of the internal space is full of looking forward to. Design: a more contemporary new MAGOTAN         although from the aesthetic point of view, the Passat is not necessarily more outdated, but with a new design of MAGOTAN, indeed there is still not a small gap, the Volkswagen brand new family before and after modeling elements in MAGOTAN obtain comprehensive use. The Passat even after the change of the medium-term, that is in the original models for small repairs, face shape also has some new family characteristics, but to the rear of the car are familiar with the other. (Hu Yi, commissioning editor Dou Ming) original title: for the new Volkswagen MAGOTAN and Passat with the door of which good? Space: two vehicles at the same level of         spatial contrast can be seen from the above, the performance space of two models basically at the same level, but the Passat rear passenger care more intimate, not only with a heated seat, table board use also provides mogotan by contrast; the automatic air conditioning and more comfortable air pillow to highlight the sense of quality, how to choose depends on your specific needs. Power: two car power system the same)相关的主题文章: