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Beautiful United CEO June: the bonus period has ended mobile Internet traffic is highly concentrated and beautiful united group CEO June Sina Francisco September 24th afternoon, China Youth Entrepreneurship Forum held today in Hangzhou, the beautiful united group CEO June was invited to give a speech, he said the trend is the flow of mobile Internet is becoming highly concentrated, dividend valley the end of the era, the upgrading of consumption will become a new outlet. June also combined with women’s consumption to share the views of this new outlet. June to the United States this year, the largest event United group. He said that in January of this year, located in Hangzhou, and Beijing, said the formal merger of the beautiful, and the establishment of a beautiful joint group, this phenomenon shows the trend is: industry concentration in the rapid strengthening. The new beautiful joint group CEO further explained the reasons behind the strengthening of industry concentration, he believes that the main reason lies in the high concentration of traffic. Whether online or offline, traffic is highly concentrated. I have recently opened a colleague’s cell phone, to see what App is the most time consuming users, because it represents the whereabouts of online traffic. Finally found that WeChat and micro-blog and video occupy most of the time, followed by some just need software, such as drops of hunger, etc.. In addition, the opening degree of other App is getting lower and lower, the traffic becomes more and more concentrated, more and more non Pyramid side of the App users." June said. In addition, June also said the line of traffic are becoming different, small stores live more and more difficult, with the super flow are also catering cinema more and more, and is no longer before the clothing bags etc.. June explained the reasons behind the phenomenon of traffic concentration, he believes that: because of staking the era of the end of the declaration – the mobile Internet users has been the end of the bonus period. However, for the end of this user bonus period, June believes that there are new opportunities, such as in the consumer sector, consumer upgrades are becoming a new outlet. "The fundamental reason for the escalation of consumption is that China’s economy is also experiencing the second half, the traditional GDP growth model is no longer effective, so the next need to have new ways and new growth points." June also believes that this trend is reflected in the electricity supplier in the field of consumption, will be mainly reflected in the consumption concept, consumption level and consumption power change. June to the United States as an example of the United States, in the field of women’s consumption, social factors will become more and more important, the integration of online and offline will also become more important. He said that the current opened a female consumer in Hangzhou headquarters downstairs store, including not only clothing sales, including catering, June said the shop is the entire street boarding the highest priced store. "Around the female consumer upgrade development, is an important task of the beautiful united group if things go on like this." Beautiful joint group CEO June said. (Li Gen)相关的主题文章: