Behind the skyrocketing housing prices have 76 listed company

Behind the skyrocketing housing prices have 76 listed companies selling sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way is to pick up the money at high prices, while the listed companies have the sale of real estate news, is a listed company "rallies reduction", or otherwise attempt? The day before the national day, there is a listed company issued a real announcement. In September 30th, *ST Yaxing announced: real! 29, *ST music, hejiagufen two listed companies joined the real force. According to the securities Chinese incomplete statistics, this year a total of 76 listed companies issued a notice of real estate transactions, including the sale or disposal of property, transfer of property, the purchase and investment property, involving real estate related transactions, real estate mortgage etc.. China Securities reporter found that listed companies get together there are some real estate sales in order to protect performance, there are some in order to protect the shell. Nearly two released real announcement including *ST Yaxing, and hejia. *ST Yaxing notice security performance by the financial and other traditional industries decreased performance drag, negative growth in recent years the poor overall performance of Listed Companies in the first half of this year have a total net profit fell 3.57% year-on-year. In order to protect the performance of listed companies to the final sprint stage. Recently, many listed companies get together real. China Securities reporter combing the real estate sale of listed companies, indeed as expected, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities in the first real estate sales higher frequency. The Great Wall computer August 23rd announcement that the company through the sale of the property rights of the Bats Exchange Inc in Beijing to publicly listed in the possession of a property located in Shenzhen, Nanshan District, the first listing price of 9 million 480 thousand yuan. The company said, according to preliminary estimates of the company’s finance, such as the transaction can be successfully completed, the transaction is expected to affect the company’s financial situation and operating results of about 4 million yuan (Unaudited). The Great Wall computer semi annual report card, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies about 7 million 270 thousand yuan loss. If calculated in accordance with the listing price of the Great Wall computer in Shenzhen real estate, the real estate revenue can cover the loss of the company’s performance in the first half. It is worth noting that, in addition to the reasons for the sale of the the Great Wall computer announcement to revitalize the company’s stock of assets, optimize resource allocation, but also taking into account the Shenzhen real estate market prices are relatively high". Reporters found that many listed companies can greatly compensate for the sale of real estate or completely cover the first half of the loss. September 27th, days and defense announcement that the company intends to open the sale of 3 sets of real estate in Beijing, where the cheapest set of proposed transfer price of $6 million 800 thousand, you want to $12 million 500 thousand. The company said it can effectively revitalize the company’s stock assets, is expected to yield about 10 million yuan. Days and defense in the first half of 2016 poor performance, loss of 21 million 700 thousand yuan, if the real success, at least to a large extent to make up for losses in the first half. In addition, Green Court investment, innovation HNA firms would fully compensate for the loss in the first half of the green investment losses in the first half of 136 on the court相关的主题文章: