Beijing 9 couples premarital trouble some people worry that the disease exposure

Beijing 9 couples premarital trouble some people worry that the disease exposure original title: 90% couples trouble premarital microscopic characters: Beijing municipal CPPCC members, city center for Disease Control and prevention, the chief physician Sun Meiping has launched a one-stop premarital examination in many areas, the fastest day can get results. Data figure multi zone pilot premarital marriage registration one-stop service that day to take the fastest results in your side members jointly launched the CPPCC news center and the Beijing morning news reports in China since 2003 by premarital examination forced into voluntary, the city’s 10 years of premarital rate plummeted. At the same time, premarital examination crowd disease detection rate is doubled. This has given birth to the two baby boom has brought some hidden dangers. CPPCC member Sun Meiping suggested, strengthen sectoral cooperation, the introduction of convenient process, at the same time, up to facilitate new one-stop promotion. In this regard, the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the Municipal Health Planning Commission, the city of Fangshan, Huairou, Daxing has launched the "marriage registration, marriage, eugenics counseling" one-stop service pilot, Chaoyang District is expected to start within the year. [] new Duoxian reporter to premarital trouble "we are all very young, every year the unit will organize the examination before registration, check again what did not seem necessary." The 26 year old bride Mei said. In the interview, she admitted that around the friends of the same age to accept premarital examination is not much." The United States fiance Mr. Yu believes that now most of the young people think that a better understanding of their physical health, do not need to check ups, some people think. "Do not know much about this, do not know what items are checked." Allison and her would-be husband a year ago to finalize the National Day this year’s wedding. With the new premises, hotel, wedding and other necessary procedures they find in registration at the same time has already begun planning for, two people on the same schedule without a premarital examination. "As if there is no concept, people around you do not know, to charge it?" Allison said, she and her boyfriend had never considered this issue in the face of questions before, home for the elderly are not mentioned. Beijing morning news reporter found some couples, "trouble" and "don’t know" is facing many new problems of high frequency words of premarital examination. In addition, there are a few people worried about premarital will touch the privacy, worried about their exposure to certain diseases, "stealing" psychological escape check ups also exist. Health planning: physical examination can not replace premarital pregnancy test reporter learned that, at present, in the premarital care about infectious diseases and diseases of the reproductive system check project, can avoid the medicine that inappropriate marriage, control and guidance for some diseases and effects of marriage and childbearing, from improving the quality of the newborn population. In addition, the medical staff will provide health care knowledge of reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases, reasonable contraception, birth, harmonious sexual life to prevent couples. According to the City Planning Commission and the elderly maternal and child health services director Xi Shuyan introduced nearly two years in Beijing free premarital amount increased substantially, before each of one hundred or two hundred yuan, has now reached 480 yuan each for money from the financial district. This is in the country is comparatively prop相关的主题文章: