Beijing board of Education teacher professional will be included in the early admission (video)-darren hayes

Beijing board of Education: teacher professional will be included in the recent batch enrollment recently, the City Board of Education jointly issued by the Department of Beijing on strengthening and improving the training and management of teachers’ opinions. Comments pointed out that the future will reform of normal college enrollment, the teachers into the early batches of admission, interview, teacher occupation aptitude and personality test in the admissions process, through the selection of interested in the long term to apply from the outstanding high school graduates to teach. The opinion shall come into force as of November 1, 2016. Opinions requirements, normal school students in the school for four years of free tuition fees, and subsidies for living expenses, the funds required by the municipal financial arrangements. Interested in teaching and meet the conditions of non normal professional students, within two years of admission, in the education administrative departments and schools approved in accordance with the relevant provisions of the plan into the normal education. In accordance with the provisions of the school, normal students can be in the range of two professional teachers in the professional choice. Normal students in pre-school and school and the municipal educational administrative departments signed a "free education agreement", commitment to work in the city engaged in primary and secondary schools, kindergarten education teaching after graduation (including the education administration and the relevant departments for approval of registration and below secondary education institutions) for more than five years, in the service agreement during the period, can flow or engaged in education management in schools. Beijing Evening News: teacher professional will be incorporated into the early batch enrollment相关的主题文章: