Beijing evening peak traffic index 8.5 serious congestion level – Sohu news 7470d

Beijing evening peak traffic index of 8.5 serious congestion level – Sohu news Beijing morning news (reporter Cao Jingrui) today is September last two key congestion, the city traffic Commission yesterday announced that today coincides with the tail number 4, 9 limit line, the traffic pressure is expected to traffic, especially the evening peak traffic index is expected to reach in 8.5, severe congestion level. Tomorrow is the last working day before the national day, before the holiday shopping, party travel increased due to more, some people will choose to travel, flow out of Beijing will be further increased, the peak is expected tomorrow index will reach 8.2, serious congestion. Therefore, suggest people avoid it, try to take public transportation to travel. City Transportation Commission introduced today and tomorrow morning peak congestion will appear from outside to the inner city road congestion, road congestion for the East, near the west, East, West Sanhuan, East, West Fourth Ring Road South to north direction, the radiation in the direction of Beijing high-speed road congestion centralized open in the Beijing Tibet Expressway, airport expressway, Yaojieyuan Road, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road, Beijing Road, Beijing; evening peak when shopping, the party increased influence, key district, catering and transport hub around the vehicle travel is more concentrated, is expected to Xidan, Sanlitun, Wangfujing, blue bay, Chaoyang Joy City shopping district surrounding, Shili River, Bai Rong, xinfade wholesale market around, and four train stations, airports and other transportation hubs around the traffic pressure. West outside the main street, Xueyuan Road, Chaoyang Road North and other contact lines out of the direction of the car will appear in beijing. In addition, the city traffic Commission said that this year National Day during the free mini bus is expected to pass, the highway out of Beijing direction congestion time will advance to the afternoon of September 30th, Beijing Road, Beijing high-speed, Jingkaigaosu, airport high-speed, high-speed Beijing Tibet, Beijing Chengde, Beijing is a hot road traffic pressure. Transportation sector is recommended to have a travel needs of the public to choose a reasonable mode of transport and route, as far as possible to choose public transport travel.相关的主题文章: